Apple is about to release the updated version of iPhone; OS 3.0. Many expectations are attached to this new release, especially adding on of few new features that would make the iPhone rock a bit more. Though the announcement is about to be made, we want to express what we need! There are few things that we always wanted to see in our iPhone, Let us see if Apple reads our minds and adds those features in upcoming update.

Following are some Must Have features for iPhone 3.0 firmware:

Full Bluetooth Support:

iPhone lacks full Bluetooth support till date. Only thing that it works for is a headset. Syncing with a computer, even a MAC is not possible. This is something that must be introduced in the new update.

Bluetooth Tethering:

Bluetooth tethering; a feature that makes the phone work as a modem with the help of a modem, is anticipated to be present in the update. The major problem is that O2 has expressly forbidden this feature to be used by anyone according to its Terms and Conditions. So, this is not very likely to come.

Crowded Home Screen:

Home screen of iPhone is quite good, but there is no limit to the number of applications a user might have downloaded. May be there are over 50 (just a guess) applications stored in a set. Thus, showing all of them is a big problem. What is being hoped is that Apple brings in such a solution that would enable the user to swipe up and down the screen for an extensive grid of applications.

File Storage:

In an iPhone, downloading attachments is a huge question. What can be done when you need an immediate presentation, and have forgotten your laptop at home, but your iPhone just refuses to download the attached presentation in an email just sent by your roommate?

Apple needs to work on this feature, seriously.

Background Applications:

Applications working in background are another feature that can be added to iPhone for enhanced working; though there should be no compromise on speed of the system. Users can benefit from such a facility while multitasking.

Data Sharing between Applications:

Facebook has announced “Facebook Connect” for the iPhone recently, which will allow the users to share their scores etc with other iPhone holder friends. Apple can enhance it further by allowing information and file sharing between Apps.


This is perhaps the most wanted feature for an iPhone. Apple must pay attention to users’ wishes. Cut paste is present almost in every rival phone of iPhone, this is another reason Apple should include it in the update.

Text Messaging Forwarding:

It is simple, isn’t it? Then what is taking Apple so long to introduce this plain feature in this exotic phone?

Turn by Turn Directions:

Introducing turn by turn instructions into the apps is a must have feature, and highly anticipated to be there in this updated version, too.

Voice Dialing and Push Notifications:

Though not very important features, there are some users who desperately want them in their iPhone. Perhaps Apple adds these in this release.

Landscape Mode Actions:

When reading a mail, using Apps and working on the virtual keyboard, necessity of a landscape view is felt greatly. Let us see if this small but needed feature is added in the updated version?

Along with these wanted features, there is some stuff that we do not want in our iPhone. MMS is one thing that we don’t need in our iPhone. With the facility to email, who needs to go for an MMS?  Neither is there any demand of customized tones. Also, a Flash video player must be avoided right now, because it is a potential system-slower. Until the iPhone is capable to handle a flash player on Safari, Youtube will do well.

Fingers crossed; let us see what is on its way!

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