If you are into social media, then you will likely be one of those people who spend at least a quarter of your online time using it. It is a fact that last year around one in eight couples who got married met through social media, and also that if Facebook was actually a nation, it would have the third highest population in the world; only China and India would have higher. These apps are the best social media apps around, so get downloading now.

If you are looking for something a little different, then try the EveryMe app. It combines many of the elements of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram but with an added level of refinement. You can have many different circles of friends and contacts, but each one is entirely private. There is no need to share with a huge network, and there is no need to be concerned over privacy settings as it is impossible for eavesdroppers to listen in. You just need to be careful that you post the right information to the right circle.

Facebook is no longer as young and as fresh as it was and, although it is failing to attract as many new users as once it did, you would still be ill-advised to ignore it on your mobile phones. The Facebook app is free and it allows you to do pretty much anything on the move that you are able to do on your desktop.

As an alternative to Facebook, Google+ is becoming rather popular – already there are over a quarter of a million users, half of whom use the social network every day. Again the Google+ app is free. The interface is somewhat more imaginative than that of Facebook, and it has a fresher feel to it.

The Twitter app is another must have, as nowadays it seems that just about everybody is tweeting. Tweeting on the move seems the most natural thing to do, and is much more spontaneous than doing it from your desk – though of course it is also a little more dangerous, so always think carefully before you tweet.

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