car1No body wants to wash their cars in the messy winter month. You are not only the one to think “why should I bother when it will again become dirty in the next drive”?

Believe it or not but car washing is more essential in the winter months as compared to other months of the year.

The sand, slush, and the ice which is mixed with the salt on the road basically can cause rust to you car.

The corrosion occurs at a tremendously high rate when the temperature continuously rises and falls to freezing point.

Therefore it is highly advisable that you must at least rinse your car in these periods. Also make sure that you wash the undercarriage and to the areas which are generally difficult to reach such as the place in the wheel wells and the bumpers. These areas are very much susceptible to rust.

In case, the temperature is going to remain above the freezing point for quite long time, you can do the rinsing job at home itself with warm water. If it is too difficult for you to do at home, visit your near by car wash. Make sure that they thoroughly dry your car before handing it over to you.

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