After its popularity as a search engine Google also jumped in the hardware industry and came out with an amazing tablet PC and now a 3D TV box. Vizio Co-Star is the smallest TV box that offers 3D entertainment to its viewers and what’s more amazing about this TV is its affordability. Let’s have a look what other smart features it has got.

Spectacular Design

This TV box exhibits a spectacular smallest design with a glossy black finish and silver highlights. The sleek design lets you place it anywhere in your living room and you can enjoy the fun filled experience. At the back it has an HDMI input, HDMI output, USB port, and an Ethernet jack.

Advanced technology

The advanced technology is used in its manufacturing. It has the power of a PC and is run by an ultra-fast processor and advanced chipset.

Picture Quality

The picture quality is great .It can deliver graphics in 1080p Full HD and you get the 3D viewing experience. However, the web video quality is average.

Ultimate Entertainment

What more you can expect from a TV??  You can have an ultimate entertainment with this TV box . You can watch live TV shows, search the web, browse on Google Chrome, play videos in flash player and enjoy thousands of apps. It can be used in combination with a cable/satellite box.

Amazing Apps

Google Play lets you access thousands of  apps and you can easily download your favorite apps to watch, listen, chat and play through your TV. Streaming-media app support includes a few major services, including Netflix, Rhapsody, Pandora, Google Music. There is also dedicated app for Amazon Instant.

Control and Setup

Vizio Co-Star comes with an innovative universal touchpad remote with keyboard and built-in IR blaster. It helps you to control all the external devices, search across the apps, the Web and television listings. The remote has a touchpad on one side and a full QWERTY keyboard on the other. The big “V” button controls Google’s sidebar. You can easily set it up. All you have to do is to power on and connect your cable or satellite receiver to your TV through the HDMI ports and then the on-screen set-up wizard guide will help you all the way.

Interactive User Interface

The user interface is interactive. A sidebar pops out. You can enjoy services from Amazon Instant and Netflix by just clicking at the top of the menu. “Google P…” icon gives you access to Google Play Store.  The sidebar is also smaller that avoids blocking of the content.


It offers the following connectivity options

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Supports DLNA-enabled mobile phones, Tablets, and PCs
  • Bluetooth technology
  • USB


It is affordable and cheap and is available at a reasonable price of $99.99.

So, get an ultimate home theatre experience with the smallest Google TV, Vizio Co-Star.

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