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When it comes to uniqueness in tech designs, we can a lot of concepts of futuristic products that inspire our aesthetic sense. Making a gadget or other product is one thing; making it beautifully is another. Beauty in design and sleekness in concept is all that makes a perfect unique product. In this article today, I will discuss some unique tech designs and sleek concepts that are pleasant to the eyes as well as pretty useful and practical.

1. Netbooks:

When laptops made their debut in the market, we were highly pleased by their utility and expediency. It was a great thought that we could travel with the computer in our hand. With the passage of time, things changes and once-loved laptops seemed too big, weighed pretty much and looked thick heavy bodies. Then, the companies brought little ones in; the netbooks. Netbooks are certainly one of the best tech concepts as they provide extreme portability, and are highly useful at the same time. Due to their tremendous portability factor, they are also called ultra-portables.

A netbook is smaller in size than the usual note books or laptops; usually falls between 7” to 11”. Some of the most important features are present in it, and some are cut out e.g. optical drives are absent in netbooks. All the basic functions can be performed, but let us be realistic and not expect high-end gaming and multimedia experience from this little one. The companies that are currently producing netbooks are Asus, Acer, Sony, Dell and HP.

  • Companion Touch Tablet Netbook is Intel’s Convertible Classmate Netbook design based computer. It is just like any other netbook, having 8.9” display. The tablet feature is one point where this netbook really astounds us. At $499, you can have all the functionality of a typical netbook, along with the top notch tablet feature. Let your fingers play with the screen with Companion Touch Tablet Netbook.
  • Nokia Booklet 3G is yet another addition in the wide rage of netbooks. This mini laptop has all the functionality of a nice netbook, along with great battery life i.e. 12 hours. All of know that portability and good battery life is what really make a laptop functional.

2. Samsung BD-P4600 Blu-ray Player:

Blu-ray players are a nice addition to technology world. These standalone BD players are usually costly, but the impeccable HD video watching experience is worth it. The Samsung BD-P4600 is absolutely the slimmest BD player in market, presently. It has sleek dimensions with 18” length, 8” width and 1.5” thickness. Within $500, you can get you hands at this decent exquisiteness which delivers HD video and Dolby Digital sound. Also, it has built in Wi-Fi.

3. GT1 Satellite Speakers:

Speakers can be designed in real innovative ways, as we have seen beautiful designs before. The GT1 Satellite Speakers have a functional design i.e. beauty, sleekness and functionality brought together. Let me tell you that these speakers are not some very high end ones delivering unmatchable sound; but the design is awesome. These little ones will surely add to the beauty of your room in addition to delivering decent audio quality. Though you won’t be able to find them in the market, but can get then made on order.

4. Earphones:

  • Its time you get out of the usual white/black/silver earphones. The market is filled with awesome looking earphones that render great sound. Go and get a pair of stylish buds from Skullcandy ranging from metallic chic to wooden fashion.
  • Vase headphone is another original tech idea. The earphones look like two flower buds resting in a vase. You won’t see any wires hanging around, thus no tangling! When the earphones are not in use, they will look like flowers in vase; you can take the buds out of vase when need to put them in the ears.

5. Mobile Phones:

In the world of mobile phones, we have countless design options. Every company is struggling hard to make best of the best design packed with every feature possible.

  • Chamelephone is a mobile phone concept that caught attention at the 2009 Fujitsu Mobile Phone Design Awards. This unbelievable phone is square in shape, and is able to take the form of the surface it is placed on.
  • Morph Mobile Device is a joint nanotechnology concept of both Nokia Research Centre and University of Cambridge. Though, it will take very long to convert morph nanotechnology into a physical product; I believe that wait will be worth it. This technology will allow the users to bend their mobile phone into various forms and shapes. Flexibility and suppleness is the highlighting feature of morph tech.
  • Acer Stream is yet another mobile phone that is sleek in design and highly functional in performance. This is only 11.2 mm thick and has a bright 3.7 inches WVGA AMOLED Touchscreen display. Multi touch 3D user interface, touch sensitive controls, proximity sensor, Android OS, 3G, WLAN, 5MP camera and 1 GHz processor are the main specs of this multimedia and web-experience optimized cell phone.
  • BenQ-Siemens Black Box Concept is a phone that has no keypad; just a big touchscreen that displays whatever function is in use.
  • BYB Balance Cell Phone concept has two touchscreens, one resting upon the other. When the upper screen slides, it rests above the lower one in a tilting position. Beautiful to look at, but still to be manufactured.
  • Polaroid Concept Phone is another unique concept of a cell phone with integrated Polaroid camera. The phone will print every photo immediately after you snapshot it.

6. Mouse:

Mouse is a vital part of desktops. People who are uncomfortable with the touchpads of laptops also use separate mouse. Manufacturers are introducing innovative mouse designs these days.

  • MoGo mouse BT is anything but a usual fat belly mouse. This is a wireless Bluetooth mouse. Put the adapter in your PC’s USB slot and begin working. It can be positioned at an angle and is size of a credit card. The size offers extreme ease and comfort for the hand. Buttons and scroll pad are concave and easy to use. It can be put inside PC’s Card Slot to recharge.
  • Optical Super Slim mouse is another slim profile mouse (10 mm thick) with size of an average human hand to provide optimum ease while using.

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