Sony is the pioneer in providing the best home cinema experience to its users. Their advanced technology makes for the best home cinema projectors. You can enjoy classic movies at best quality in the comfort of your home with these super projectors.

The latest models launched by Sony are VPL-HW55ES (3D with full HD) and VPL-VW500ES.

Lets talk about these 2 jazzy new projectors from Sony : –

VPL-HW55ES – Full HD and an amazing 3D Experience – This new launch from Sony is sure to take on the AV world by storm. It offers best image quality and an amazing 5k hour lasting lamp because of its highly effective and advanced cooling system. These features are very gen-next and great for any tech savvy movie lovers.

This model is compatible with external 3D transmitter and even boosts of an inbuilt one. Both new model s have optional HDMI compatibility as well. These projectors are an innovative extension into Sony’s already loyal marketbase.

4K VPL-VW500ES – The much sought after 4K VOL-VW500ES with be out in the markets by October end. Another expansion into Sony’s hot 4k cinema range. With impeccable front cooling system, immaculate picture quality and high resolution, you really cannot go wrong with this. It has a 2.06 lens with zoom as well as RF transmitter which is in built. For best 4k picture quality and viewing pleasure, this is the perfect solution.

So watch out for these 2 models from Sony launching soon.

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