TwitterrificSocial networking web sites are in the scene these days, and it seems as if future of socializing is these online networks. Twitter is one such social networking website that has been in the competition not for so long. This community network is simple, and loved because of its simplicity. People find it fun to get updates about their loved ones by only knowing that what they are doing then. No photo sharing and such other complexities; Twitter is all about simplicity and ease.

It uses different applications to use with various devices, such as Twitterlicious for PCs and Twitterrific for Macs, Outwit, Tweet Scan, Twessenger and many more. Here, we shall discuss Twitterrific.

Twitterrific is an entertaining application that can only be used with Mac (and Apple iPhone and iPod touch of course). To enjoy this fun function, you have to have:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or late
  • Twitter account

By installing it on to your Mac, you can get access to real time updates from your friends. With the help of this application, you will be able not only to read the recent updated status of your circle, but also you can send in the status update of yourself to let your community know about your current situation.

How to install it?

Following are the step by step instructions for installing and having fun withTwitterrific Twitterrific on your Mac:

  • Visit to sign up for a new account (if you do not have one, already). Twitter accounts are free, and are set up pretty quickly without much ado.
  • Download Twitterrific from any downloading web sites available. (Recommended: Log out of Twitter account before installing Twitterrific.)
  • Unzip the DMG file.
  • Move this application to Applications Folder.
  • Click on the awesome icon to launch the application.
  • Enter your Twitter account details and information into the application.
  • A tiny “wrench” at the bottom will lead you to the settings. You can set up the needed time to refresh tweets.

There are quite a number of shortcuts that you can use with Twitterrific. Some of them are as follows:

  • ⌘Q – Quit Twitterrific
  • ⌘W – Close the Twitterrific window
  • ⌘R – Refresh list of tweets
  • ⌘2 – Reply to the selected tweet (using “@name”)
  • ⌘D – Send a direct message
  • ⌘⌫ – Delete the selected tweet
  • ⌘L – Login to a different Twitter account
  • Tab – Toggle between the tweet list and message input
  • ⌘← – Open the user’s Twitter page
  • ↓/↑ – Scroll through tweets list
  • ⌥↑ – Go to the newest tweet
  • ⌥↓ – Go to the oldest tweet

Twitterrific’s Positive Aspects:

  • Clean and succinct User Interface with small desktop footprint
  • Nice iPhone and iPod touch incorporation
  • Supports multiple Twitter accounts
  • Auto refreshing at user defined gaps
  • Delete tweets from Twitter rapidly and effortlessly
  • Auto show / hide when new tweets turn up
  • Swap between friend and public tweets with no trouble
  • Keyboard shortcuts for list navigation and more
  • Audio notification for new tweets
  • Hotkey to show / hide tweets

Twitterrific’s Negative Aspects:

Scrolling experience is not up to the mark

The freebie version comes with ads, and it takes $15 to remove those ads. Choose one according to your priorities.

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  1. It gets quite cool if you can just check all your friends status messages on your Iphone or Ipod. One can relax…listen to music and Twitter at the same time. Sounds real fun.. So chillax guys!

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