TwitterAre you a social person? Is there nothing else in your life without social networking? Is it that you are fond of Twitter to the extent that you want to be connected to it even on road while driving, by some means?  Here comes the answer to your need provided by OnStar, which is making a voice-activated Twitter for cars, only for US market right now.

This device works when you have set the button to “on”. It is a voice-to-text service, and the spoken thoughts will be automatically published on your Twitter page. Also, the replies from your buddies will be vocalized by the machine, and you will be able to listen to your friends’ posts. All this procedure is boasted to occur in real time.

Though, there are some serious points to consider. What if you were talking to your beloved and left the Twitter button on, mistakenly? What if you were backbiting on a common friend with your buddy and the service was switched on unknowingly? Certainly, you wont like your intimate or harsh (both personal) thoughts shared to everyone on your Twitter page via this little device. Thus, do not go for the gadget immediately, rather wait a little for more feedbacks before purchasing one.

Written by “Seemab”

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