Do you like to carry all your data along with you? Toshiba has remained one of the leading companies in computer and computer accessories market. Now, Toshiba has come up with their new Canvio Slim 2 Portable Hard Drive which is the thinnest and the slimmest portable hard drive in the market. It was announced that the hard drive offers 1TB capacity and measures only 12.5mm thick. The portable hard drive offers better mobility to the users as they can carry it anywhere they want and access and share data straight from the device. Toshiba claims that this is going to offer better external backup and storage solution especially to business users that usually carry an Ultrabook.

Maciek Brzeski VP of Product Marketing and Development of Branded Storage Products said that Toshiba has always introduced better computer devices that offer more functionality and practicality. The original Canvio Slim hard drive is already quite popular in the market and they have been working on the second product for quite some time to make it even better. He said that the biggest challenge was on how to increase the capacity of the hard drive without actually increasing the size and thickness.

While Canvio Slim 2 offers all the features of the original Canvio Slim it also sports added features like ultra-fast USB 3.0 technology that allows users to quickly share and access files, photos, movies and music from any computer to it and vice versa. It also includes NTI Backup Now EZ software that offers better backup options. The new hard drive will be available in the market from June 2013 with suggested retail price of $114.99 for 500GB model and $149.99 for 1TB model.

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