We all fondly remember playing arcade games produced by Nintendo. Then in the 80’s, Nintendo people raised the bar higher with introduction of NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) which contained all of their popular arcade titles, now playable within the privacy of your room! But, Nintendo’s Magnum Opus has got to be the Wii gaming console. Combining movement detection in three dimensions using a pointing device revolutionized gaming as we know and paved way for other consoles like Xbox Kinnect and PlayStation Move.

In this article, we are going to take a look at top Wii games of all times. The games listed here would be dependent on metacritic rating and sales figure achieved, so without further delay, let’s delve into the thick of things!

Super Mario Galaxy

  • Metacritic rating: 97/100
  • Sales figure: 6.1 million on Wii
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Everyone’s favorite plumber took another huge leap by venturing into space! In 2007, (Mario Galaxy named game of the year) Nintendo decided that Mario should now conquer the vast space and the planets that lay scattered across it. Princess Peach has been abducted by some mischievous creatures and it’s up to Mario to chase them on different planets and finally rescue the princess. Mario Galaxy truly utilized all the functionality Wii console has to offer. To make Mario perform gravity defying stunts, the players have to press buttons on the controller, swing it like a sword and drag object via it! With a metacritic of 97/100 and sales exceeding six million, this is a truly behemoth title!

Legend of Zelda

  • Metacritic rating: 95/100
  • Sales figure: 6.45 million on Wii
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This is one title that gamers would remember fondly and worship for generations to come! You are Link, an elf, a farmer who is out to save his homeland of Hyrule from an ensuing darkness that threatens to swallow everything in its path. ‘Link’ must travel to the twilight realm and rescue princess Zelda with the help of his mysterious friend named Madina! Combing the use of Wii controller and the nunchuk controller, the players have to battle mystical creatures in innovative ways. The game incorporates horseback combat system which is absolutely out of this world and would be remembered for years to come! The game is so beloved and revered that reportedly famous Hollywood actor Robin Williams (an avid fan of the video game) named his daughter Zelda!

Super Mario Galaxy 2

  • Metacritic rating: 97/100
  • Sales figure:  6.71 million
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Sequels of immensely popular games have a tendency to live in the shadows of their predecessor. But from time to time there comes along a title that breaks the norm and supersedes its earlier part! Mario’s foray into the vastness of space continues with this title as he along with his highly adorable dinosaur friend ‘Yoshi’ take on new galaxies. This game features even more gravity defying crazy moves and new features such as using a drill to bore through planets rock surface. If super Mario galaxy 1 was addictive then this part is at least five steps ahead of it! Once you start playing, you simply can’t stop.

Resident Evil 4

  • Metacritic rating: 91/100
    Sales figure: 2 million on Wii
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What happens when you port the “Best-Selling Survival Horror Game” (according to 2012 Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition) to a console which makes use of player’s movement? The answer is PURE MAGIC and hours of immersive and addictive game play! It was a genius move by capcom to port their best selling title for Wii, the players made use of Wii remote to aim, fire, hack and slash hordes of flesh eating mutants and mind controlled villagers. This was a truly memorable title and first of its genre to make its way to Wii console.

Donkey Kong Returns

  • Metacritic rating: 87/100
  • Sales figure: 4.21 million on Wii

People might be skeptical of this title being on the list but allow me to explain and justify its position in the ranking. Donkey Kong returns is on the list purely because of nostalgic reasons (yes made an exception about metacritic and sales figures! So, sue me), I mean come on! Every gamer has fine and beloved memories of playing this game on a handheld device, avoiding barrels thrown by that naughty monkey sitting atop the building! So, when this all time favorite title gets an overhaul graphics and game play, I just couldn’t resist putting it on the ranking! The sales figure further cements its position and not bad metacritic rating also lends a helping hand.

So, there you have it folks! Top selling and meta critically acclaimed titles for the Wii gaming console. If you have not yet played any of these Wii games, I strongly recommend that you get off the couch and make a purchase immediately! Trust me they are really worth it.

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