Smartphones have quickly become some of the nation’s favourite Christmas presents, and with a bumper crop of phones on the market you could earn yourself more than a few brownie points with a sparkly new handset this festive season. The only problem is working out which is the best choice.

Read on for our advice.

iPhone 5

Apple addicts rejoice – this beautifully engineered phone is slimmer and lighter than ever and without a doubt the best iPhone to date.  Featuring iOS 6, a larger screen, free turn-by-turn navigation, a super speedy A6 processor and 4G LTE mobile broadband capabilities, it covers pretty much every base, bar the slightly iffy maps app and it’s hard to imagine what Apple can possibly come up with next.  The retina display is second to none, the camera has been subtly improved and comes with a new sapphire-crystal lens and better hardware, making it easier to take shots in low light and while shooting video.  The interface is the one we all know and love, with the added advantage of more apps fitting onto the larger screen.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Named Phone of the Year at the T3 Gadget Awards, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is widely believed to be the best Android phone on the market, and maybe the best overall.  It won’t set you back as much as an iPhone but can rival its Apple counterpart on many levels.  It features a vast 4.8 inch Super AMOLED screen bringing rich and vivid colours and has a comparable pixel density to the iPhone.  With a rapid dual-core processor, it’s likely that the S3 will be soon be upgraded to run off the latest, greatest Jelly Bean operating system.  The S3 has 4G LTE capability and navigation is a cinch with Google Maps.  It is complete with a fast and accurate 8 megapixel camera and has an enviably long battery life.  Packed with state of the art software and hardware, this is an excellent choice.


This is a lovely little minimalist device, beautifully designed, with a 4.7 inch HD screen and featuring the latest version of Android.  The only downside seems to be a slightly disappointing battery life, but this is outweighed by a most excellent array of features.  It has a powerful quad-core processor, making for high speed web browsing and gaming.  Graphics are top notch and there’s a feature-rich 8 megapixel camera which fires up in less than a second, enabling rapid-fire continuous shooting and the ability to capture pictures and video simultaneously.  Complete with Beats Audio™ enhancements and an improved music player, the sound emanating from the HTC One X is clear and authentic.

Keep your ear to the ground to make sure you’re braced for developments over the next couple of months, but currently you can’t go wrong with any one of these smartphones this Christmas.

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