Mobile World Congress 2012 is at its peak and tech giant are busy in unveiling their trendy gadgets. This international event has stirred new waves of gadget craze among gadget lovers and now people all over the world are desperate to buy such awe-inspiring gadgets. Just like last year, Smartphones are most important part of this international platform. Leading tech manufacturers tried to rule this event by showcasing their best products, following is the list of top most Smartphones that were presented in Mobile World Congress 2012.

1. Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia always acts smartly and launch hot and new Smartphones in international events and never miss such golden chances. On again it availed this opportunity and unveiled this super Smartphone in MWC 2012.  Nokia has equipped 808 PureView with high resolution 41 MP sensor; it’s a perfect phone for camera lovers because its 4X lens zoom, HD 1080p playback and video recording will make you fall in love with it.

Executive Vice President of Nokia Smart Devices Jo Harlow said, “Nokia PureView imaging technology sets a new industry standard by whatever measure you use. People will inevitably focus on the 41 megapixel sensor, but the real quantum leap is how the pixels are used to deliver breath-taking image quality at any resolution and the freedom it provides to choose the story you want to tell.”

2. HTC One X

HTC One X is a Smartphone with many “X” factors; it will be available on AT&T network in upcoming months. One X is an Android Phone and HTC has equipped this masterpiece with latest version of android 4.0 that will deliver high performance to users in combination with 4G LTE Network. 4.7 inches screen of One X is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass and extreme power for multiprocessing is provided by 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core S4 processor.

President, Global Sales and Marketing, HTC Corporation Jason Mackenzie said,  “HTC One X is a true showcase for HTC’s heritage of innovation providing our fastest camera, our best images even in the worst conditions and the ability to take video and photos at the same time. I’m proud to bring these remarkable new experiences to AT&T customers with the HTC One X.”

3. Nokia Lumia 610

Once again Nokia did an attempt to win hearts of young generation with the launch of Lumia 610; this fourth member of Lumia family presents cute combination of social, entertainment and web experience. It has been built on Windows Phone 7.5 platform and several built in apps like Nokia Maps, Drive, Transport, Music makes it simply superb. If you are looking for latest and well featured phone Nokia Lumia 610 will be a good choice, it will hit the market in second quarter of 2012.

4. Asus PadFone

Asus PadFone is a wonderful Smartphone and it’s an awesome blend of Tablet, phone and laptop. You can conveniently perform desirable functions as it features 4.3 inches screen and android platform 4.0 Ice-Cream Sandwich. Its powerful S4 Snapdragon 1.5GHz dual-core processor will enable you to perform efficient multi-tasking.

According to Asus, “It is a first of its kind innovation that allows you to switch seamlessly between pad and phone for a user experience that best-fit your activities, at any time. Internet access from the 3G network connection is shared between the phone and pad, as data storage is streamlined through a single storage pool.”

5. Samsung Galaxy Beam

Samsung moved a step forward and introduced innovation in its latest Smartphone Galaxy Beam. Samsung Galaxy Beam is more than a Smartphone, you can say it’s like a pocket projector equipped with high-tech features. Entertainment has been given new direction in this best-in-class phone.

Samsung’s UK telecoms chief Simon Stanford said, “With the Galaxy Beam, people can share content from their Smartphone with people around them, using it like a pocket projector to create shared experiences – whether that’s watching movies, sharing holiday snaps or a spontaneous presentation.”

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