There is certainly no doubt that Android cell phones are really making a lot of buzz in the market. Today, many top cell phone manufacturers prefer to launch their latest cell phones with Android technology because they know the growing demand for it throughout the world. If you have an Android phone with you then you would certainly like to explore more about the different features that it provides.

Android Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the best tips and tricks that you can try on your Android cell phones.

Best Tips

1. If you love to carry your emails with you then Android phones are really good for you because you can browse through the list of your emails. However, if you notice you will find that when you access your email account through your Android phone and when you scroll down the long email list you will see an orange cue on the side. This indicates that you are at the bottom of the page and you can’t scroll down further.

2. Do you love connecting your Android cell phone through Wi-Fi networks? If you enjoy using Wi-Fi on your network then you can see the difference in colors on the notification bar icons. The color will turn green if you are on uninhibited connection to Google and will turn when you don’t. However, the colors won’t start changing until you have launched your browser in your cell phone.

3. If you think that Google Maps only provide driving instructions then you are completely wrong because you can also get some walking instructions through Google Maps. For this you will need to enter the starting point and destination point and then click on the walking person icon and you will see walking directions on your Android cell phone.

4. If you enjoy downloading a lot of stuff on your Android cell phone and want to know about what applications and files you have downloaded on your cell phone then you can go to Download Manager and get the entire list from there.

Best Tricks

1. If you want to capitalize only few letters in the word you can use the Shift + Key rather than clicking on Caps that will capitalize all the words on your cell phone screen. This feature is available with the latest Gingerbread Android cell phones. However, there are some supported hardware that allows this trick.

2. Quick Replace is another good thing that happens on your Android cell phone. You can tap on the word that you want to replace and you will see the list of words you can go through them and tap on the word that you feel is a better replacement for the earlier word that you typed in.

3. Special Characters are not needed all the time and therefore we don’t pay much attention to it but now Android cell phones have made it easier and all you need to do is press and hold the keys and the special character for that particular key will be on the screen.

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