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The long awaited iPad has hit the markets at last. This gadget is attracting much attention of the consumers the way iPhone and iPod once did. If you are planning to get an iPad, then this article is bound to give you some guidance related to the apps and games that you should download on your gadget. Let’s have a look the best available iPad apps and games yet:

1. Kindle:

Though apple has its own e-book reader named as iBook, Kindle app has its own place. In fact, no e-book reader can get close to the status Kindle owns. It can easily be given first rank among available e-book readers. Therefore, I suggest Kindle app to be downloaded on your iPad as soon as you get your gadget and get access to number of nice books via Amazon, which are very nicely priced. Also, the books that you have previously bought for your Kindle e-book reader will not have to be bought again by you for your Kindle app for iPad. In fact, you can download all those previously purchased books on your iPad via Kindle app and enjoy them.

2. Scrabble:

Your all-time favourite game is now available for iPad. Especially designed by Electronic Arts for the iPad, this Scrabble has high definition graphics and the touch system makes tile sliding more like fun. The wooden tiles give it a better and more realistic touch. If you are a scrabble lover, here is a must for your iPad. Now, you can enjoy your favourite game wherever you are on a nice big screen.

3. Blackboard Mobile Learn:

Another step in interactive learning and teaching, this application will allow teachers and students to interact with each other regarding assignments and grades etc. via their iPads. This application is being liked much these days, and it is a nice thing to see it on our ipads, too.

4. GrooveMaker:

This app makes you a professional DJ and even a complete amateur can mix and create tracks like a professional. This app provides the user with an environment for mixing equipped with slider for volume, immediate track controls like solo, tempo etc. controlling the number of loops and switching the snapped grooves are new features here. Overall, it’s a fun app as well as very practical for parties and functions.

5. Things:

Making a list of your TO DOs is no more difficult, as you can get rid of all those ancient task managers. Here, iPad offers Things, the perfect task manager that neither oversimplifies the processes nor complicates them for you. It features notes, to-dos, today list and scheduling, thus making your life manageable than before.

6. Netflix:

This is a free app that allows you to watch TV shows as well as movies via streaming directly form the World Wide Web. Free trial for membership is offered after which you can decide to become a permanent member or not. There won’t be any limit imposed on you regarding the number of movies or shows.

7. Pianist Pro:

Here is an iPad only app of Pianist Pro with highly awesome graphics and sound. Giving you ample space to play with big keys, it allows you to play a real song. Also, it offers instant recording. It consists of 88keys just like a real piano and 10 keys can be played at a time. The keys respond to human touch just like real ones. Not only this, but you will be provided with optional organs and guitars if you aren’t in the mood of piano.

With these apps installed in your iPad, you will know how to enjoy the gadget perfectly.

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