While there are many technologies that have faded and disappeared because of the new technologies that have taken over, television still remains to dominate and be an indispensable part of our lifestyle. However, TV is no longer the same idiot box that showcases shows and programs that channels have to offer. The combination of internet along with TV technology has changed the way people think about television content and today online TV streaming has become much popular across the world where consumers would like to see the content that they are interested in. Here we take a quick look at the 6 best online TV streaming services that one can find in the market.

BBC iPlayer

BBC-iPlayerBBC iPlayer is one of the oldest online TV streaming services around the world and that has led to more popularity over a period of time. In the year 2012 BBC received 174 million requests for BBC iPlayer which is an increase of 22% from the number of requests that they had received in the year 2011. The content comprises of TV shows and films and some of the landmark BBC series that have been aired on the television. So, what really makes BBC iPlayer so popular? Well, it is the download option where consumers can download the content using apps to their iPhone or iPad and they can watch the same programs even while they are on the move. The service has also launched in Europe for 6.14 GBP or 6.99EUR.


Apple iTunes

Apple-iTunesThe biggest factor that makes Apple iTunes so immensely popular is the large content database in which consumers can find hundreds and thousands of TV shows and movies that they would like to watch and to make it even better all the content is available in HD format which means superior TV experience. However, all that comes with a twist and therefore consumers will have to wait till the download happens as there is no instant access streaming and downloading HD content can take some time. Apple has tried to keep the prices down for the iTunes with TV show rentals at $0.99 and movie rentals at $2.99 for standard definition and $3.99 for HD format which is very affordable amount.



NetflixIf you are really conscious about the movies that you want to watch and also regarding the TV shows that are on your favorite list you can go for Netflix. The content library is among the best that you can find in the market and therefore there are many consumers that still prefer to go for Netflix. The biggest factor about the popularity of Netflix is the price range that makes it a clear winner but some of the contents are not available in the HD format which might not impress all the consumers. On the other hand, Netflix does not offer download options and streaming plans starts at $7.99 per month which is affordable amount. For consumers that want better streaming options rather than downloads can go for Netflix.



Amazon VOD

Amazon-VODIf you are looking for best online TV streaming services you can also go for Amazon Video On Demand that also offers a better range of content from TV shows to films. Amazon has much more similarities like Netflix and Amazon is quickly teaming up with various firms to ensure that the content is available to the consumers through more device makers. Amazon has come up with lot of premium TV shows and old and new films that can be watched on it. TV shows are available for streaming for $1.99 each while new films are available for $3.99 rental price. Consumers can also buy movies online for $14.99. Amazon also offers season pass for TV show that offers special offers on new releases and catalog titles.


Hulu Plus

Hulu-PlusHulu Plus is also one of the best online TV streaming services that one can find in the market. The service offers better options for consumers that want to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. While Hulu was not really hit when it launched in the year 2007 but Hulu Plus has received positive response supporting various mobile devices, television sets and set top boxes. Hulu Plus offers services for $7.99 per month but it is usually recommended for those who are interested more in current TV shows than for movies.


LoveFilm Instant

LoveFilm-InstantIf you are passionate about movies and you want better online TV streaming services then you can also opt for LoveFilm Instant that offers good options. The streaming service works well with various devices, television sets and set top boxes and therefore it won’t need any more devices that you need to add on. The database offers more than 9000 titles of individual TV show episodes and movies which is seriously worth buying if you enjoy streaming content.

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