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As we know that the trend of touch screen has prevailed too much in the mobile phone industry and every developer is going for the touch screen phone, the trend has started moving towards the camera industry as well because from the past few months we have been seeing many touch screen cameras coming from different developers. The touchscreen is adopted not for the trend only but the navigation has been made further advanced and thus people prefer to buy the touchscreen devices as compared to the others. The number of touchscreen models for cameras is increasing rapidly and in this article I am going to discuss some of the most favorite touch screen cameras developed by different high class companies of the world.

1. Samsung TL240

This is one of the most finest camera develop by Samsung which not only features a 3.5 inch WVGA touchscreen TFT display but also gives you some of the very remarkable capabilities with its 14MP lens and 7x optical zoom. The dual image stabilization technology adds up to the results of images which you obtain from this camera. Thus in every regard the camera is quite awesome and you can rely on it’s because of the ease it gives for taking photographs and the performance which it shows in the results.

2. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7

The Cyber-shot series of Sony is already famous because of its ultra high performance and awesome capabilities and this model has added up to the features of Cyber-shot series with a 3.5 inch wide LCD monitor which gives you so much comfort in managing and capturing the high quality photographs. With 10.2MP resolutions this camera is so fast that it can take 10 photos in 1 second which sounds like a really fantastic quality and with that the photo results are also good because of the advance image stabilization technologies which you an experience with this camera.

Photo by digitalbear

3. Nikon Coolpix S4000

The latest Coolpix range by Nikon has really amazed the whole world because of the features, style and capabilities of the camera models and among those models S4000 is really a revolutionary one because along with high class features it also gives its users a fantastic TFT LCD monitor which includes touch of shutter for auto-focusing and shooting can be made by tapping the desired subject on the screen. Some other exciting features which you can enjoy with this camera are 12MP resolution, 4X optical zoom, skin softening, smile timer, blink warning, vibration reductions and some other for the best quality of production of images.

Photo by

4. Fujifilm FinePix Z700EXR

This is one of the most amazing digital cameras offered by Fujifilm that gives you exciting performance in terms of image results and the style of this camera is also amazing. One of most exciting thing which you would love about this phone is the 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen display that makes all the activities easy and smooth. Along with that it also gives you advance face detection and image stabilization technology which gives fantastic image and video results that might not be able to get from other cameras.

5. Kodak Slice

This is the fantastic 14 MP camera with 5X zoom which ensures quality of photos which you might not be able to get from other normal digital cameras. The exciting feature which gives more advancement to this camera is the 3.5inch colored LCD touchscreen and this display makes it one of the most easily usable cameras coming from the Kodak’s side. This camera also features advance image stabilization technology and the face detection technology which enhances the usage of this camera and thus makes it one of the most lovable.

Photo by Kodak@flickr

These were some of the fantastic touchscreen cameras coming from different bi companies and the good thing about all of them is that along with touchscreen the capabilities have been enhanced to make your experience with them, one of the most desirable one.

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