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Who does not love stylish and unique trends in clothes, shoes and bags? And we have to encourage the originality of work in all the top brand names; they have done and are doing amazing job, undoubtedly! Prada is one of these top fashion brands, and offers unique trends in dresses, fragrances, hats and bags. In this article, I have decided to tell you about Prada’s top notch handbags and purses that are unmatchable in their style, usability and uniqueness.

Prada: An Introduction:

Prada S.p.A. was founded by two Italian brothers Mario Prada and Martino Prada in 1913. Originally, it was a shop dedicated to leather goods, but gradually it turned into a top fashion brand name specializing in ready to wear dresses, fragrances, luggage, bags and shoes. Right now, the company is run by Mario Prada’s granddaughter Miuccia Prada who is also the Head Designer.

Prada Handbags and Purses:

Prada handbags are among the finest and most unique handbag brands worldwide. You can find various categories and colour choices are pretty adequate. It is also very popular amongst celebs; you can see (on the internet, obviously!!) many celebrities carrying Prada handbags at events, shopping and work (like Kate Winslet, Ashley Tisdale, Jennifer Garner and Sandra Bullock etc.).

Let us have a look at the list I have compiled regarding Prada handbags; I liked every other Prada bag I looked at, but the list contains only selected items which were completely irresistible!!

1. Prada Vernice Sfumata Small Hobo:

This is such a nice looking and attractive handbag that I could not take my eyes off it for few moments the first time I saw it! It is stylish, beautiful and comes in wonderful colour; a vibrant peony with simple white. It is medium sized hobo made up of glossy patent leather. The upper part of the bag is white, whereas the lower half is lovely shiny peony. Carrying strap has buckles and same white material. Pleats make it look even trendier. I don’t think you will ever feel tired of this bag. It is being sold for $1395 USD

2. Prada Stripes Multicolour Small Hobo:

This is yet another Prada handbag which will be adored by women who love lively hues reflecting the vibrancy of their personalities. It is perfectly sized; it will neither tire out your hands nor be insufficient for your important things. Well, it isn’t the only size available in Stripes Multicolour; there are large and small hobos too. You are bound to fall in love with all the colour combinations.

These bags are made up of various coloured Nappa Leather stripes joined together offering a perfect blend. It is not only pleasant for the eyes, but is also smooth to touch. You get a top handle to hand carry the hobo and a shoulder strap to carry it on your shoulder; both of these are detachable. Detaching these straps will give your bag a different look and enable you to carry it as a clutch.

Let us talk Colour! The most decent combination is made up of purple, lilac, turquoise and blue. A perfect choice for funky teenagers is made up of white, pink and two different shades of orange. I didn’t like one of the combinations which consisted of lime green, purple, maroon and black. Most adorable model is made up of only two colours; black and golden. Believe me; this one is utter beauty and elegance! It is being sold for $1,675 USD.

3. Prada Nappa S Satchel:

Here is a nicely sized satchel by Prada made of Nappa Leather. It is available in black and metallic oak; the latter looks amazingly attractive. A small top handle allows you to hand carry the satchel everywhere you go. Top and sides of the bag are decorated with ruffles of the same leather made by ruching. This decent bag is available for $1,920.

4. Prada Pizzo S Satchel:

This bag is the same design as of the above mentioned Nappa S Satchel. Difference comes between the materials used to manufacture these bags. The former was made of leather whereas this one is embellished with black lace. I understand that not everyone is into laces; but many ladies will be attracted to this fancy satchel. You might feel that ruching has added way too much lace to the bag but still it is a nice choice for occasional events. You can get it for $1,995 USD.

5. Prada Vernice Clutch Bag:

I have always loved clutches; they are small, lightweight and easy to carry. Moreover, clutch makes me feel that I am attending a formal event, whereas hand carry and shoulder bags give me an “on-shopping” feel!! This clutch is such an attractive creation of Prada that is unmatchable. It is made up of patent leather and decorated with Plexiglas jewels all over the top and half sides. I love the sight of this beautiful clutch!! It is available in navy blue, grass green and powder pink; latter is my personal favourite.

There are numberless Prada bags that could have been added to this list, but the count would go on to triple digits!! I hope you will like this collection. Meet you later with another nice collection of bags!

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