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The basis of competition in mobile industry has always been on a shift. In the past, companies were focused on launching small, sleek and colorful mobiles because at that time people were more interested in size, shape and other rudimentary features. But now this trend has been lifted with people interested in mobiles with advanced technologies. This new awareness resulted in forced association by mobile companies for product innovation.

They started associating new technologies with mobile phones for instance camera, radio etc. It not only resulted in innovative mobiles with diverse technologies, but also pressured brands towards fierce competition to provide all the high end technologies in their phones.

1. NOKIA N86: (8 Megapixels) Second to None

On number one, the phone with all the attributes of digital camera, N86 is the best deal. It satisfies all the necessities that a customer wishes when buying a camera. It is 8 mega pixels technological marvel with even features extending your normal digital camera. The camera’s actual resolution is 3264×2468 pixels that give images with finest quality, excellent printing even at bigger size of 8×10 inches pictures. Camera opted with lens of the biggest names in lens industry, Carl Zeiss, with zoom up to 20 times bigger than normal image. The high quality lens results are auxiliary enhanced by third generation dual LED flash, which is even better than Xenon flash. Moreover advance photo editing software in phone helps in excision of captured memorable moments according to your wish, making them even more unforgettable.

2. SONY ERICSSON C905: (8.2 Megapixels) Can’t Find Better Option

On number two is mobile of a company with best mobile cameras produced since camera mobiles started from sub mega pixel quality. “SONY ERICSSON” presents its state of the art cyber shot: the 8.2 megapixels C905.It has 3250×2500 pixels camera with digital 16 x zoom and xenon flash. Besides these, cyber shot features include new face detection function which locks onto your cranium for perfect results. So with perfect cropping and zooming combined with image stabilization and autofocus, C905 is one of the best choices available today.

3. SONY ERICSSON X10: (8 Megapixels) The Best A Man Can Get

On number 3 with all attributes of digital camera is Sony Ericson X10.  This phone has all features with very responsive interface. Owners can switch from Landscape mode to Macro or beach and snow without any exasperation. It has an 8 megapixels camera which captures excellent photos in optimal settings. Key features include image stabilization, several shooting modes and number of options designed to get the best photo the phone can produce. The digital zoom on video is phenomenal when it is filming videos up-close. So people interested in buying mobile with details of digital camera, they should go for Sony Ericson X10.

4. SAMSUNG INNOVA8: (8 Megapixels) Innovation at its Best

Samsung secured their segment margin in mobile world by presenting its multimedia portfolio the ultimate mobile entertainer, “Innova8”. As it is Samsung’s first 8 megapixel venture, it uses the latest technology in imaging applications for instance smile shot, blink shot and face recognition. The mobile has also perfect digital photo frame function, allowing users to display memorable moments in their best quality and favorite ways. So with state of the art camera technology, surround photographic videos, best internet and gaming capabilities, Innova8 handset take mobile photography and multimedia experience to new levels. Innova8 gives you the better zooming quality as compared to others.

5. LG RENOIR KC910: (8 Megapixels) Past Moments are Memorable Now

The LG Renoir KC910 is the 8 megapixel mobile fortified with the best lens technology available today known as Schneider-Kreuznach. The lens is also equipped with autofocusing function, making results very clear. Even grid lines are available for perfect imagining. The camera has a smile detection function, which waits to take picture until one smile. There is also possibility of taking more than one picture while pressing the shutter release once. You can record with a speed of 5 up to 120 frames per second. All in all, this digital camera mobile is very suitable for fast and easy shooting.

To summarize, most of the newly launched mobile phones have hi-end features. Unlike the earlier mobiles, which only had calling and messaging features, recent mobiles are state of the art marvels, designed to satisfy customer needs in best possible manner. The most brilliant advancement is forced association of mobile and camera. Now people can use mobiles as digital cameras for both still and video capturing. This will result in rising importance of cameras in mobiles, creating tough competition in brands even on camera feature. Customer will get the advantage of this competition getting more commanding cameras on fewer prices with their mobiles.

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