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Many people stay happy with the default settings of their mobile phone sets, PCs and laptops; as they find customization a lengthy and difficult task. On the other hand, customizing their gadgets and devices is fun for a great deal of people. In fact, it feels really nice (to me) being able to make your phone and computer look and feel the way you want it.

What is the fun in using default backgrounds, ring tones and now, apps? Recent operating systems like Android have a host of applications stored in their Apps Market for customization-oriented minds. From that long list, one can pick alternative apps according to their choice. As choosing the best app from that pile cannot be easy at all, I have compiled a list of some very nice alternative apps for all of you who are interested in giving their Android-based phones a different look. Let us have a look at these alternative android apps.

If you are concerned what will happen if you don’t like the newly installed app, you don’t have to worry about it. You default app will be back in action the moment you delete the new one.

1. K-9 Mail:

This application is the best available Email app for Android phones in the Android App Market. Email application that is there in Android sets by default is the most simple and basic in nature. K-9 Mail is much advanced and sophisticated app than the default Android email app. Its highlighting features include send and receive, search multiple inboxes, swipe for next or previous mails, setting notification sounds and vibration alerts, delete email on the server, signatures, multi folder sync, email sorting, keyboard shortcuts, open and save attachments etc.

2. TuneWiki:

This is a social music player that is considered to be the best (yet) in Android App Market. This music player gives timed subtitled lyrics for songs, in more than 40 languages. Other nice features that make it stand out from amongst the other music players are real time maps of what music people are listening to, top 50 music charts, lyrics updates, translation updates etc.

3. ChompSMS:

Your default SMS app in the Android phone is plain and simple. For making it look better and colorful, download ChompSMS. This app is indeed the best SMS app in Android apps market. Its features include an easy to use widget, quick compose, chat style bubbles, quick reply, contact photos, templates, character counter, SMS counter, signatures, UI customization, notification customization, assigned ring tones, black listing and speak text.

4. SkyFire 2.0:

Best thing about this web browser is that it plays the flash content that is shown as broken link by other browsers. It smartly suggest you media content according to your choice and taste. Nice features include pinch to zoom, multi tab browsing, switching between full web page and mobile oriented page, one click sharing and anonymous browsing.

5. Camera Zoom FX:

This app enhances the performance of built in cameras in Android phone sets. Special effets and digital zoom mae the camera function way better than with its default settings. Other useful features include timer, image stabilization, enhanced zoom tool, sound activation, burst mode recoding and geo tagging.

Apart from these top 5 alterative Android apps, there are many others that can smartly enhance and augment your Android phone’s performance. If you want an alternative app for keyboard, go for the SwiftKey Beta that predicts the word being typed as well as the next word and is larger. Bloo is the best Facebook alternative app and ADW.Launcher can be considered as the best available substitute Home Screen.

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