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Being in this era of technology, we have no option but staying slaves of gadgets. These technological tools have become necessities of our lives; cell phones, laptops, camcorders, LCD Tvs, digital cameras, gaming consoles etc are so important for our lives that without them we lack far behind others in the contest of life. Today, I will discuss top three gizmos that have revolutionized the whole concept of technology. Let us have a look at the chosen ones:

1. Apple iPhone 3GS:

Certainly, this is not a new name for you. In fact, this single phone has been reviewed many times and by so many people that all of us know a lot (or at least, a bit) about it. Personally, I feel that no catalogue of best gadgets is complete without Apple’s most wonderful child. Here is a short account of iPhone’s specs and features.

Specs and Features:

The iPhone 3GS was launched about a year ago by the Apple Inc. Public did not seem much happy with the previous model; this is why few significant changes have been done in the newer version such as increased battery life, quicker processing pace and enhanced memory. I shall discuss the newer features only, as all of us are well acquainted with the iPhone 3G.

Photo by Tom Baker

As far as the looks are concerned, the new iPhone is identical to the previous version. 3.5 inches display is a nice for movie and song playing. The fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on its display screen results in lesser smudges. An iPhone camera has never been a hit, therefore the one with 3GS is nothing outstanding, though a respectable 3 mp. Tap to focus is a nice feature where the required area is focused simply by tapping there with a figure. IPhone users had been demanding video recording option and that wish has been granted by the company in 3GS. While shooting at 30 fps, the Tap to focus feature can also be used with this VGA video recording. Videos can be sent via an email or directly uploaded to YouTube. Editing feature is another big success.

One of the best features of iPhone is the voice command. Apple has taken voice command feature way beyond voice dialling. Now you can not only dial a contact by calling out his/her name, but can also control iPhone’s, iPod player and iTunes Genius list. Playing a song, pausing it, going back to previous song, skipping another and shuffling was never this easy. Ask your phone if you are not sure which song is playing, and tell it to play more songs like the one being played: your iPhone will listen to you and obey your commands. Never had this feature ever before in a phone, did you?

The compass and its interaction with Google Maps is another pleasant addition. Voice Over helps people with vision difficulties, where the phone reads out their required detail while navigation. The function of Voice Over is not limited to this, but it can also read your emails, text messages and web pages. Happily surprised, aren’t you?

Equipped with OS 3.0, there are lot of new features that kept the consumers waiting. Now, multimedia messaging is possible, cut/copy paste is not an issue and you can record your voice, too. I know it does not sound awesome, as you have all these features in your regular phones. Ok, you also have a perfect navigator in form of iPhone as it guides you with turn-by-turn directions. After observing its features and performance closely, this phone remains on top of my priority list regarding gadgets.

2. HTC Google Nexus One:

With a sleek body and 3.7 inches display screen, the Google Nexus One is our number two gadget today. Display is simply awesome, revealing everything (photos, messages, web pages, videos) in vivid colours. You can also have fun with living animated wallpapers that will respond to your touch. Five home screens are available for personalization according to one’s own choice. A short cut bar lets one handle the main features without the need to go deep down the menus. For those who love a QWERTY keyboard in phones, there is a virtual one present in Google Nexus One. Contacts can be synced from Facebook and MS Exchange, whereas it is done automatically with the Gmail account.

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Voice Command feature is a big success here in this phone, where it is not only restricted to dialling a phone number, but extends to writing text messages, updating Facebook status and searching the Android market for apps and stuff. Best part is that this feature works well even in noise.

Nexus One bears a nice camera with 5 mp, autofocus, flash, digital zoom etc. Video recording is done at 20 fps with 720 x 480 pixel resolution. The 1 GHz Snapdragon processor has made this phone awesome with its super speed and fast performance. Overall, this is a real nice phone to own with its spectacular performance and nice features presented by none other than the big bro: Google.

3. Sony Vaio VPCZ116GX/S:

Here is Sony, once again with another highly-priced beautifully designed wonderful Vaio. The 13 inches new Vaio is equipped with Intel’s Core i5 running at 2.4 GHz and a 4 GB (expandable to 8 GB) RAM. Other specs include Nvidia GT 330M GPU, 256 GB Solid State Drive and Windows 7 Professional. The backlit keyboard and touchpad with fingerprint reader works pretty well.

Main emphasis stays on the fast i5 processor, Windows 7 and large hard drive. None of the competing notebooks are using this new processor, which makes this Vaio stand out from others. Not to forget the discrete graphics by NVidia, where the fun lies in switchable GPU. Overall, this notebook stands on top of all other rivals where multitasking is involved.

This is all for now. Let’s meet next time with some more exciting gizmos and their features.

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