Apple always provides state-of-the-art and Hi-Tech gadgets to the people in order to facilitate their multiple needs with single device. Same is the case with iPhone 4; one can use it for multi purpose and can download effective and useful apps to make better use of it. Following are the top free iPhone 4 apps;

1. Facebook

Every one loves to stay in touch with the friends on the social networking sites and Facebook is the most renowned site. iPhone 4 users will be glad to read that they can install a better app which offers them a more convenient app that features modified “home screen” that presents faster access to the sections which most of the people daily visit i.e. notifications, news feed, messages etc.

2. Stanza

Stanza is for you if you are looking for the iPhone apps which can entertain you with your favorite books. Stanza is the very app for the people who love to read books; this app will help them to download books from multiple sources. A part from this, one can also relocate PDF reader, ePub and titles of eReader from the Stanza Desktop.

3. Skype

Skype offers a channel through which one can communicate with the friends regardless of the location. If you own iPhone 4, you should also go for this app because it facilitates the people to make calls at cheaper rate. Skype is also good for video and audio conference calls and its interface is simple and practical.

4. Gorrilacam

Gorrilacam was launched in 2009 and its aim was to improve the camera of iPhone means its basic functions like spirit level, multi shot, timer etc. If you have iPhone 4, you must not miss this app.

5. Around Me

Around Me app facilitate you to find out where you exists and it list down the important local locations like banks, petrol pumps, important retail stores etc.

6. Twitter

Just like Facebook, twitter is one of the finest ways to keep in touch with the best buddies, iPhone 4 users who have twitter account can download this app and can carry their social life on the go.

7. Kindle

Good news for the iPhone 4 users! They can access the iBooks because Kindle provides the huge amount of their favorite books. So they can enjoy the enhanced reading experience with their iPhone.

8. eBay Mobile

Now one can also take the advantage of eBay with the help of eBay Mobile, eBay Mobile app favors the iOS multi tasking and offers the effective and efficient interface for iPhone 4.

9. Wikipanion

Wikipanion is the app which offers the speedy access to the sections of articles and one can search within articles, it also provides efficient interface to view. In addition, one can also use it for bookmarking.

10. Evernote

With the help of Evernote on the iPhone 4, one can quickly scan the notes and also make the new ones.


Do you often feel the need of dictionary to check the meanings of synonyms of difficult to understand words? is there for the iPhone 4 users. More than a million definition and synonyms can be accessed free of cost. This app works speedily, it also features the audio pronunciations its interface is extremely suitable for iPhone.

12. Adobe Photoshop Express

If you are looking for some quick, efficient and effective ways to edit photos of your iPhone, Adobe Photoshop Express is the perfect app for you. One can conveniently use it to crop photos and make them straight. A part from this, this app also helps to manage the effects of colors and exposure adjustments.

13. Red Laser

Red Laser is a barcode scanner and this app is best for you if you always remain conscious about the correct price. It helps you to check the prices with the help of your iPhone 4.

14. Google Earth

Now you view the whole world and planet with the help of Google Earth on your iPhone 4. Google said about Google Earth, “Hold the world in the palm of your hand” and it’s very true, because you can view the world from your room due to this wonderful app.

15. Shazam

Shazam is the best app for the music lovers, this app is like magic. Take the iPhone near the source of music and stay there until the app follows it and narrate about the track.

16. BBC News

BBC News consists of a website for mobiles that operates in enhanced way in Safari. This app offers the speedy access to breaking news and keep to update about what’s going on in your surroundings.

17. Dragon Dictation

Good news for the users of iPhone, if they are really tired of using the small keyboard they should try this app Dragon Dictation. This app alters the speech to text and one can even use the punctuations like full stop and comma. When you will be done with this, this app also helps you to narrate the same thing on the Facebook and Twitter.

18. helps you to find search the local things, Choose from the cluster of incorporated groups you can also type whatever you to want to search and use the map to find the way.

19. iBooks

Previously this app was only available on iPad but now iPhone users can also get benefit from iBooks because it is combination of reader and store. iBooks also features support for PDF.

20. Instapaper Free

Do you wana send articles to Instapaper Free? You can easily send articles to the Instapaper free, all you need to do is to make an account on Instapaper free and make a bookmark in safari on your iPhone 4. In this way you will be able to send articles to Instapaper Free which offer you the finest experience of offline reading.

Hopefully, the above top iPhone 4 apps will help you to manage your life in a better way with the help of your iPhone 4.

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