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There is no question in Android’s growing popularity and likeness for it amongst masses. iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia’s Communicator and PDAs are losing their importance in front of Android powered mobile phones. HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and many other leading brands have set their feet into Android Phone-making. With Cell phones like HTC Evo 4G and Samsung Galaxy S, no one will think about BB, iPhone and Windows mobiles.

As al of you know that Android App market is an open Source market and this is why, apps count in there is increasing with every passing moment. Due to this feature of Android Market, very soon iPhone’s Apps market will have to face defeat (as more and more apps are adding in to the Android apps market every day). In this article, I am going to discuss some of the best available Android apps and games, both free and paid-for. I hope all of you will find this article helpful.

Best Games:

Following are some of the best Android games that are available in the Apps Market for downloading.

1. Bebbled:

This is the typical game with same colored balls where one has to drop a colored ball on same colored ball in order to remove them from screen and get points.

2. Gem Miner:

In this game, the player is a mole digging through the earth in order to find out superb and precious gemstones. As game proceeds to advance levels, the player attains better digging skills, digging tools, better maps and more power.

3. Frozen Bubble:

Here in this game, the player points a colored ball on same colored ball a little above it. As the ball hits similar colored balls, they vanish and points are scored.

4. Sketch Online:

Here in this game, you can play as well as socialize with like-minded gamers. Player will draw a sketch and ask others to guess what has been drawn by him/her. The game moves on with sketching and guessing.

5. The Red Stone:

A red brick is stuck in between some blue bricks. Player has to move the bricks and get the red one to the exit door. It night sound simple, but grows difficult with advancing levels.

6. OpenSudoku:

As the name suggest, this is a Sudoku game which is Open Source. Players cannot only play, but can also upload their own made Sudoku game which can be played by all other players who have the app installed on their Android phone set.

7. Brain Genius Deluxe:

This game revolves around memory, observation, calculation and reasoning. You can get your brain tested every day, or play single exercises and bonus games.

8. Armored Strike Online:

This online game lets every player play turn by turn. This is a strategy based shooting game where every player gets shooting turn and when all are done, they check for casualties. Dead players are out of the game, and remaining get their shooting turns again.

9. Space Physics:

Now this one has to be downloaded by every Android phone holder. It is an amazing game where you draw an object and it comes to life. For instance, draw a wheel and it will start rolling.

10. Buka:

In this game, you can properly utilize the touchscreen of your Android phone set. Poke you enemies, press them and drag Buka all over the screen n order to save him from enemies.

Best Apps:

Done with the games, now I will discuss the best available Android apps.

1. Swype:

Swype is a superb typing app that is a must download for each Android phone user. The app eliminates traditional typing system (tapping individual letters). You swipe your finger through the alphabets of a word and it is typed; for instance put your finger on “B”, swipe it through the alphabets straight to “U” and form there, slide you finger to “S” and lift you finger. Automatically, BUS will be typed. This will obviously take time to get acquainted with, but once you get used to it you will not want to tap the letters as before. This app is only available from the maker’s site.

2. Google Maps Navigation:

With the help of this great app (plus dock and accessories), you will forget about having an individual navigator for your car. To avoid complications, this app calculated your route when the journey starts so that minimal data transfer is done. Also, you will have no worried if signals drop in the midst of your route.

3. Task Manager:

As Android phones do not have an “x” to close the running apps, this app will help you close any running app immediately.

4. RAC Traffic:

With RAC Traffic, you will get updates about any accidents or traffic issues around you. This app estimates your location through the mobile phone signals and gives alerts regarding traffic issues in your area.

5. Skyfire 2.0:

Most of the browsers show flash content as broken link but this browser won’t do the same. The smart features include recommendations for media according to your choice, one-click sharing, pinch to zoom, anonymous browsing and multi-tabs. This is a must have browser.

6. AppMonster:

Deleting apps on an Android phone is a real task. To avoid the lengthy process, download this app which will help you in deleting unwanted apps with ease. Also, this will enable you to create a back up of all your apps with one click.

7. AppBrain Market Sync:

This app allows you to do what Android phones don’t. With the help of this app, you can send the apps that you download on your PC directly to your Android Phone set.

8. Seesmic:

This professional looking Twitter app can stay on your home screen in form of a widget that keeps you updated with latest tweets. It offers multiple accounts login.

9. 360 Live:

This app will allow the user to access his / her Xbox Live account via their Android phone.

10. Google Sky Map:

This app gives you accurate presentations of planets and stars on the sky. Point the phone at sky and the app will show you the stars and planets on your screen.

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