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Maybe the best thing about Android Market is its Open Source nature; anyone and everyone can contribute to this marketplace with their brilliant applications for Android phones. This fact takes Android market a step ahead than the Apple giant store as there is plenty of room to grow for Android.

Today, I will discuss some of the nicest Android apps with you that will help make your phone even smarter than it is. Also, these apps are free to download and use. Interested, aren’t you? This article is going to help you in another manner; that you cannot find best of all apps and games in Android Market as there is a whole lot of junk apps (due to the Open Source).

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Therefore, I have selected some of the best available games and apps especially for all of you. Let us have a look at these selected applications.

1. Google Sky Map:

This application gives you precise positions of the stars, using your phone’s orientation. In fact, the app is so good at its work that you will be taken by surprise. Pointing your Android phone towards the sky is all that you have to do, and this app will show you the visible stars and planets etc. on your screen.

2. Seesmic:

Though there are already numerous Twitter apps in the Android market, more and more are being introduced. Best of all is the Seesmic, which has very nice features. This app gives you a home screen widget which keeps you updated with the new tweets. Also, Seesmic supports multiple accounts. It has been designed in a professional way.

3. Gem Miner:

This game let you dig the earth like a mole (it is just a description). You dig through the land and go inside to find expensive and exquisite gemstones. As you proceed through the game and levels, you get better maps, tools and digging skills and power. A nice game if you have taste for such games.

4. Bebbled:

This is the typical same-colored balls removing game, with great effects and nice features. The screen shows numerous colorful balls. Once you tap on a ball, the connected same-colored balls are highlighted. You can tap again to remove those balls in order to make a larger group of some other balls similar in color to each other which had been separated due to the recently removed group. Believe me; it is addictive!

5. AppBrain Market Sync:

Unfortunately, there is no way you can download your apps on the PC and transfer them later to your Android phone. You Android phones do not allow you to do so. This app is solution to this issue as it lets you do the forbidden act. By virtue of AppBrain you can send your Apps (that you downloaded on the PC) to the Android phone.

6. AppMonster:

Honestly, deleting apps on your Android phone is not an easy task. This process goes through many yes/no options until it reaches the delete option. The AppMonster lets you manage your apps by deleting the unwanted ones by simple process. Also, it will keep you away from tension of losing your applications, by making a backup for all your apps only with the help of one click. This is indeed an app to have on your Android phone.

7. Skyfire 2.0:

This browser is one of the best options for your smart phones especially for Android. It plays the flash content that is shown as broken link by other browsers. It makes recommendations for media content for you according to your choice smartly. You can easily share what you want with only one click. Other features include pinch to zoom, choice between full desktop web pages and mobile optimized pages, anonymous browsing and multi-tab browsing.

8. RAC Traffic:

With this app in your Android phone, you don’t need to listen to radio for any news updates regarding traffic incidents. It finds out your location with the help of mobile signals, and tells you about any important traffic update in your area. It is really simple to use.

9. Task Manager:

Android lacks the ability to close the running apps simply by hitting an ‘x’. For this purpose, download this Task Manager app form the Android Market. This will make the task of closing any running app that you don’t need to run anymore very easy and simple.

10. Frozen Bubble:

This is the same old game where the player has to hit a colored ball on similar colored ball located a little above the firing area. If you are into such games, this is a must download!

11. Sketch Online:

This is a game that involves gaming as well as socializing with other users. A user draws something and the other players try and guess what is drawn. Yes, it is as simple as this! Right now, a beta version is available and it is free of cost. Later, one might have to pay for enjoying the game without ads.

12. The Red Stone:

This is another time-pass based on the same old concept of moving an object until it reaches an exit. Here, in this game, one has to move a red brick that is stuck between some other blue bricks. This red one has to be moved until it gets to the exit. Though it’s easy in the beginning, it keeps on becoming difficult as higher levels are achieved.

13. Google Maps Navigation:

This free app is amazingly functional. It guides you through the ways turn by turn and with the help of voice navigation. With the help of charger, dock and accessories, you can make it your permanent navigator. It calculates the route in the very beginning of your tour so that data transfer is minimal and no difficulty is faced during the trip even if the signals drop.

14. Swype:

This is not available in the Android market and you can only download it directly from the maker of app. The idea is superb and rules out the conventional ‘tapping’ of keyboards. Now, you have to swipe your finger through the letters of keyboard according to the spellings e.g. put your finger at ‘A’, swipe it through the alphabets to ‘I’ and stop at ‘R’; you have just written ‘AIR’ by swiping your finger. This app also suggests words if there are typos.

15. OpenSudoku:

This is an open source Sudoku game. It not only lets people enjoy the number game for free, but also enables them to upload their own made Sudoku challenges which are open to everyone having this game installed.

16. Brain Genius Deluxe:

This is a learning game that tests your knowledge as well as helps you in expanding it. You can choose from daily exercise, single exercise and bonus games. The game revolves around Observation, Memory, Calculation and Reasoning. This is a nice game to play, though it can obviously not be played for long.

These 16 apps and games are on top of the free apps available in the Android App Market (or from the makers directly). These should be downloaded and enjoyed the very first day you get your hands on your new Android Phone.

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