Toys are the craze of children and the best item they can dream of as their Christmas gifts on any Christmas. Christmas season is near and Christmas shopping has already begun. Lists are written to Santa to request for their favorite toys. Cute, appealing, attractive, adorable, high-tech and educational toys have hit the markets to celebrate Christmas of 2011 at the fullest. Here’s a list of top 10 toys that are mostly in demand by children on Christmas of 2011.

1. Angry Birds Plush Toys

For Kids: 1 years and up

Photo by brandon shigeta

Most favorite app toys Angry Birds Plush Toy Set is the No.1 on our list of top 10 toys for Christmas 2011. It features a set of 5 mini plush toys and features the famous characters of Angry Birds game. These soft plush toys are almost 2-3 inch in size and are great to play with. The kids can even attach them to bag packs, keychans and cellphones. They are also a perfect gift for Christmas and can be used as a stocking stuffer.

2. Thomas the Train

For Boys: 3- 7 years

Photo by ianmalcm

Thomas the Train with Cranky’s Crane is the best indoor toy that your kids will love to play with. A 29″ tall Cranky the Crane is operated with the remote control and can move 360 degrees. Cargo, cargo car, docks, loading destination and a complete loop of track let your kid to enjoy playing with this most popular character Cranky. So, indulge your boy in the firefighting adventure and let him enjoy his Christmas holidays.

3. Barbie Sisters Family Camper

For Girls: 3- 7 years


Hey girls out there, Barbie is back this Christmas with a new Barbie Sisters Family Camper set. They are ready to go on the luxurious camping trip. There is also a little dog with them with his own doggie door and cozy doggie bed. The camper set includes a pop-up second floor with two hammocks, full kitchen, bathroom with toilet and shower and even a jacuzzi to splash around.  Assembling is easy and no batteries are required to operate it. So, little girls can enjoy this Christmas with Barbie and her sisters Toy.

4. Disney Tangled Sing and Glow Light up Rapunzel Doll

For Girls: 3- 7 years

Photo by jollyserenity27

If your little girl is a fan of Disney movie Tangled then, Disney Tangled Sing and Glow Light up Rapunzel Doll will be the best toy to give her on Christmas. It comes with a magic wand that the little girls can wave and make Rapunzel glow and sing her song, “I See the Light.” The Rapunzel Doll in her glittery purple dress require three AAA batteries to sing a 30 second song.

5. Sesame Street Let’s Rock! Elmo

For Kids: 4 years and up

Photo by USAG-Humphreys

Elmo is the favorite character of every kid who loves Sesame Street. Sesame Street Let’s Rock! Elmo is another best toy this year to present it to little kids. The robotic Elmo can play six fun songs actually and the playing instruments are not just for the show. The children can choose their favorite songs with the button. The children can also choose other instruments for Elmo to play but they are sold separately.

6. Rockboard Mini Scooter

For Kids: 5 years and up

Rockboard Mini two-in-one scooter is the most wanted toy by kids this Christmas. It features an ultra-strong aluminum frame, an aluminum front fork, and a die-cast aluminum deck. Rockboard propulsion technology, it can be used both in Rockboarding mode or turn into a low-profile kick scooter. With the comfort grips and an aluminum alloy brake handle, the kids can easily cruise  it on the pavements and roads and enjoy the smooth ride.

7. Nintendo 3DS

For Kids: 5 years and up

Photo by Minhimalism

Nintendo has always been a great fun for game loving kids. Now kids can enjoy 3D games without wearing special 3D glasses on Nintendo 3DS. It is the latest gaming system that Santa will have in his Christmas Toys.

8. XBOX Kinect

For Kids: 5 years and up

Photo by ken hays

On the Christmas of 2011, XBOX Kinect is back for kids with fun and entertaining games including Kinect: Disneyland Adventures, Kinect Star Wars and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster. The kids can control the games with their body gestures.

9. Cars 2 McQueen Remote Control Vehicle

For Boys: 8-12 years

Photo by Krazy Diamond

Boys get ready to race the wheels this Christmas with your favorite Cars2  character McQueen Remote Control Vehicle.  It uses impulse projection technology that gives live action to this car.  The bump detection technology let the Lightning McQueen to react to collisions. It can also speak new exclusive lines from the motion picture Cars2.  It will make the best toy for little bys on Christmas 2011.

10. Kindle Fire

For Kids: 10 years and up

Photo by Courtbean

Kindle Fire is the best tech toy the kids can ask for this Christmas as a gift. It is a full featured colored tablet that let kids to have enjoy games, web, reading and much more. The sharp 7- inch display features some of the best graphics. Amazon’s cloud technology gives more storage and allows ultra fast web browsing.

Which toy you have asked to Santa on this Christmas 2011? Do let us know?? Santa would love to hear about your favorite toy for Christmas 2011.

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