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Human beings have always been social animals. Even in the age of technology, socialization is given priority over many other aspects of life. Therefore, although the world has advanced, the needs are the same. They are just being fulfilled in a different manner. No longer are letters written rather even emails are outdated. Now communication is done in the open by writing on walls and posting comments. So how do you make new friends, maintain old ones and stay at the top of the social network? Here are a few ideas that might help you through the maze of the world wide web:

1. Choose a Good Site: There are many sites allowing people to catch up with old friends or start new friendships. The question is which one to join? simple: join the popular group to be popular. so join sites that you have heard of and of course once you have joined you will understand whether the decision was correct or not. if no one except you creates the updates you are definitely on the wrong site! some the good social networks include facebook, Orkut and twitter each with its own distinguish style.

2.  Profile Making: Now that you have managed to join a popular place its time to make a good first impression. The first impression includes your display picture and information provided in the about me sections etc. it is important that you upload your own photo not those of celebrities. You want a good impression not a fake one! Make information fun and attractive not dull and boring.

3.  Activity: Now that you do have an account and have filled information to form a profile you must remember to log in! Do not just leave the profile. Update new status. Share your adventure or feelings through your page. Explore the site to find groups to join. This way you learn more about your hobbies and interests and meet people with similar interests as well.

4. Sharing: Share what you like and what you believe your friends will like as well. Share but do not over share. It is good to have an active page but activities mean creation of notifications. Too many notifications can be irritating for others. Be careful of what you upload. Know what you are uploading and share only what you like not what others have shared and hence you did so too.

5. Interaction: Interact with new people just as you would with a person standing infront of you. You will meet all kinds of people through the net. Make sure you have fun. If you find someone good, go ahead and chat. If you do not like the conversations direction, well there is always the black button!

6. Delete Button: For all those comments on your profiles that may offend others, there is the blessing of a delete button. Use it to delete comments made by you or others that may not be so funny for someone in your friends list. Better, erase than be embarrassed by the offensive nature of a joke.

7.  Join Conversations: Discussions are a good way of learning about the topic and about views that others hold. They allow you to interact and virtually meet new people. Don’t be a silent spectator. Share your point of view so that people get to know about you and your stands in life.

8.  Friend’s Connection: What are friends for? To help you! So check out your friend’s list. Found someone interesting there? Ask your friend to introduce you to the new friend to be and voila! You just made a new friend!

9.  Relationship Status: Check relationship status of others. People make clear why they joined the site. Some are looking for new friends and relationship while others are interested in meeting only old friends. To increase your network communicating with the first group is what you need to do

10.  Don’t act Desperate: Contact new people but don’t show desperation! Don’t be too frequent in your messaging. Give some break in between to maintain interest rather than scaring the other person away. It is better to start of with messages and chats and then move on to posting comments on your new friend’s walls.

Hope you get loads of friends!

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