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Science and technology have led to the development of many amazing products for all age groups. Kid’s choices of toys are also changing with every passing year. Now Kids prefer gadgets toys and feel fun to play with latest tech toys. If you are planning to present some gifts to your kids, look for tech toys and make them blissful.

1. Ben 10 4GB MP3 Player

Music is not only meant for adults, kids also love music. If you are looking for some MP3 player for you baby boy, and Ben10 is his favorite cartoon character then, you will be glad to know that Ben10 MP3 players are available in market.

Ben10 MP3 players are perfect gifts for Ben 10 fans who wants to take their music with them whenever they go. With a strong plastic casing and 4GB of play time, these MP3 players make the ideal companion for any occasion where music is a must have.

Price -19.99 Euro

2. Barbie Video Girl

Video girl is a Barbie doll with real, working video camera hidden inside her necklace, if you baby girl is fan of Barbie girl, she will be pleased to play with it, because it is more than a doll. Once you have it, your girl can make her own movies, and will be able to watch movies as well.

If you are interested to buy this cute n amazing Barbie video doll, you can get it worth US $ 47.89 from

3. Sony PSP 2

Kids are normally very found of video games, they love to play game on PC as well. Since few years the invention of Play station has make the kids crazy for PSP play station. If your kids like to play PSP games, why don’t you buy PSP 2 for them this time? Sony has recently unveiled its latest PSP successor, “Next Generation Portable”. It has 5-inch OLED touch screen with 960 x 544 resolution, touch pad on a rear that allows users to “touch” or “push” objects in games from the back, new type of mini flash memory cards, 3G and Wi-Fi IEEE connectivity and lots more.

Price – US $ 300-$350

Once you will buy for your kids, chances are there you will also become a fan of it.

4. Dora the Explorer Talking Cell Phone

Baby girls love to play with cell phones of their parents; you might have noticed that your baby girl often took your cell phone and start playing with it. If you want to divert the attention of your baby girl from your cell phone and do not want to miss your important calls, buy Dora the Explorer Talking Cell Phone.

How it Works?

  • Kids will love talking personally to Dora about all her explorations, and they will even get invited to go on one with her.
  • Press the keypad to talk to Dora and receive a personalized voicemail from her and her friends.
  • Choose from 5 ringtones; she recognizes the numbers in English and Spanish.
  • Interactive phone is easy to program through official Fisher-Price website (it’s the perfect way to stay in touch with Dora).
  • Mini USB cable required.

Price – U.S $ 29.99

5. Beyblade (with Tops and IR remote control)

Immense popularity of Beyblade among kids has forced the toy manufacturers to come up with innovative features. Now manufacturers are adding IR remote control and new tops like Tornado tops, which will thrill kids with great fun. A part from it the Electro spin Preassembled tops with flashing LED lights make Beyblade interesting toy to play with.

Price of this Beyblade MSRP U.S $29.99

6. Iron Man 2 R/C Walking Iron Man

Most of the Kids love to play fighting games, if your kids are among them, Iron man 2 R/C will please them more than anything. This tech toy is a kind of Robot, and one of the mightiest forces ever to fight evil, this robot features lights to intimidate opponents and speaks mighty phrases like “target engaged” and “let’s see what this suit can do”. It is meant for children of age 4 and up.

Price – U.S $49.99

7. Tonka Ricochet

Boys like to play thrilling and action game plays. Racing and drifting cars are the favorite toys of kids. Tonka Ricochet is a racing car that will impress your kids. It is a tough car that can be played on any surface; it has some very innovative features. When the Ricochet turned upside down, it turns only at the half-steering angel. Tonka Richet includes controller, 9.6V battery pack, charger with power supply, 9V battery for the controller.

Price  – U.S $73.99

8. Monoply Live

If your kids are found of indoor games, Monoply Live is meant for them. It’s is a tech toy cum game. Monoply live is a board game and its latest version is more interesting, it has a red-tower positioned in the center of board. It uses Infrared technology to track each player’s piece, counts money through electronic link bank card.

Price – U.S $50.

9. VTech InnoPad Tablets for Kids

Tablets are the gadgets not only for adults , but also for the kids. VTech has introduced a Tablet Torch for kids, it is designed for kids age 4-9 and is available through game catridges and downloads from the VTech site. The game catridges leverage licensed favourites like cars, toy story and Dora to deliver a combination of animated reading learning games and creative activities. The Tablet also includes pre-ainstalled application e.g. photo manager, MP3 player and calender.

Price of this Innopad is U.S $ 79.99 and Game catridge worth $ 24.99

10. Leapster Learning Disney Pixar Gift Pack

Toys are not only meant to play with, you can also use tech toys to educate your kids. Leapster2 handheld offers a robust learning experience through built-in-tutorials and learing levels that adopts automatically to your kid’s pace. Its touch screen and stylus helps help develop motor skills used in writing.

Price – U.S $ 119.99.

Let you kids enjoy the Tech toys and make their childhood full of fun.

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