Best Christmas Gifts

Christmas is near! You must be thinking about the best gift you can present to your Dad, Mom, Hubby or Fiancé! Do not worry, I have come up with latest and exhilarating gift ideas for this Christmas that will make your loved ones adore you. As electronics are a vital part of our lives and every day new gadgets are showing up in the market; today’s list is based on nice electronic gifts that will be surprising for the recipients! Let us have a look at this list.

1. Tablet PCs:

Tablets are going to be a big hit this Christmas. I foresee kids jumping around their Dads asking for a tablet PC as their Christmas present. Apple might be the winner in “Who makes it first” race, but iPad is soon going to lose the monopoly in tablet market. Many manufacturers have set their feet in this line. HP, RIM, Microsoft and others have already made (or are in the process of making) their own tablet PCs.

It is a nice gadget (a computing device in fact) that has no keyboard or keypad, but only a touch sensitive screen. It may use stylus or can be controlled with finger touch. This can be a very nice present for kids, a gadget loving spouse or parent.

2. Amazon Kindle:

Now let’s be honest; tablets are PRICEY! If the loved one is fond of reading and you want to surprise them with a nice e-reader, Amazon Kindle is certainly the best option. It is a portable electronic reader that allows the user to buy, download and read blogs, papers, magazines, books, comics etc. This decent device has many versions, the latest being Kindle 3. It uses wireless internet for browsing and shopping purposes. Users can either go for Wi-Fi or 3G.

3. 3D TV:

If you can spare some extra bucks, this must be your pick this Christmas. 3DTVs are the buzz of today! Everyone around us is dreaming to get a 3D TV, but majority is waiting for a decrease in price. These TVs give exceptionally real three dimensional effect of the programs. Sit in front of a 3D TV, put on the stylish 3D glasses and play Avatar! You won’t want the movie to end, believe me! This can be wonderful gift for your spouse (as you yourself will be the beneficiary, living in the same home!!)

4. Microsoft Kinect:

Here is the treat for your kids. Xbox was a very nice gaming console made by Microsoft and was loved by the users; Kinect has taken this likeness to sheer love. We were already very much impressed by Nintendo Wii’s motion sensor controlling device; Kinect is a concept way ahead of such oldies. Imagine yourself controlling the game WITHOUT any device in your hand; ONLY with your motions and voice! Yes, Microsoft has done it!

Your kids will love the idea of getting this gadget before any of their pals own it. Christmas will be the best event to make them scream with joy, holding their new gaming world in their hands!

5. Nintendo 3DS:

Unfortunately, we are not going to see any updated Wii console; Nintendo has decided to move on with the handheld instead of Wii. As the name suggests, Nintendo 3DS is a handheld gaming console that allows its users to play games in 3D mode. Most of all, you won’t need 3D glasses for this purpose. Let us hope that this nice device comes out in the markets till this Christmas. If it is available in December, it is going to be a big hit as Christmas gifts.

6. Sony PlayStation Move:

Microsoft came up with Kinect; here is Sony with its new Move technology. Move cannot be compared with Kinect at all, as Kinect only takes your motions and voices as controllers. On the other hand, Move requires the wireless wand to be held in the hand. Anyways, this is very near to hardware-less controlling technology, and we hope that Sony gets to this point soon. Till then, PS Move is a very nice Christmas gift option for your kids. Playing golf, ping pong, boxing and fencing will be more than plain fun with Sony PS Move.

7. iPod Touch / iPhone:

With some software installed, you can make your iPod Touch working same as the iPhone. Either you get your wife an iPod Touch or an iPhone 4, she’ll be more than just happy. This Christmas, you can make her fall in love with you all over again!

8. Dell Streak:

This is a 5 inches smartphone developed by Dell, which is also being called a Tablet. This is the biggest touchscreen smartphone till date. Running on today’s most favourite OS Android, Dell Streak is being liked globally. There are two cameras; a VGA for video calls and another 5MP for camera usage. Whether you present it to your spouse or your kid, they are going to love the gift as well as who gave it.

9. Commodore PC 64:

It was in 90s when the bestselling computer was none other than Commodore 64. How much your Dad is going to love you if you present him with a computer that has Commodore 64 frame and latest machine inside!! This has been offered by Commodore USA especially for the upcoming event of Christmas. This is high time for you to make the choice, and make your Dad happy (and nostalgic)!!

10. Speakers/ headphones:

A nice pair of headphones or speakers can become an appreciable Christmas present. Market is full of uniquely designed yet highly functional headphones as well as speakers, from which you can pick according to your choice. You may pair it up with a fine webcam, especially to your parents so that they can see you and talk to you when they want to.

Such events need expressions of love and care, and presenting gifts is best way to pronounce your emotions. Let your loved ones feel the joy of Christmas with their beautiful electronic  christmas gifts.

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