Technology world is filled up with every kind of innovative ideas, which are in fact not very impressive. Not every fresh idea is worth liking. Yet, there are few inspirations in technology which are admired by majority of users and critics. These are those ides which are not only innovative, but are purposeful and practical, too.

1. Griffin Power Mate:

An aluminum button with a blue light beneath it, Griffin Power Mate is an ideal tool for scrolling. It can be used with both a PC and a Mac, giving the user much natural experience. Scrolling is not the end of its functioning; it can be used with a number of applications and its settings can be configured accordingly. This small thing can also be used as a button by pressing down. In short, there are a lot of ways in which it can be used.

2. Widgets:

These programs are designed to perform specific tasks. They are available in Windows Vista, Mac OS X, iPhone and few web sites such as Yahoo and My Space. In USA, there is a wireless enabled device called Chumby which is also designed to support widgets. By using these widgets, it can be turned into a Gmail client, an alarm clock and an internet radio.

3. Net Books:

These are small sized portables computers, about the size of an average book, with a large 9-10 inches screen and full size keyboards, running an XP and quite affordable in price. These are easy to travel with and work at during one’s journey. These are ultra-portable and allow comfort and ease to users. Though not made for gaming, you can complete your pending work easily.

4. Cloud Computing:

This allows you to save your needed and important documents not on your PC but at the internet. A PC can be infiltrated by malicious code, or your data can get accidentally deleted without you having a backup prepared. In these circumstances, it is a good way to keep your data safe at the internet, so that you can access it from your university computers or an internet café. Some examples are Google Docs, Apple’s MobileMe and

5. SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus Card:

This is a new form of memory card which has a concealed USB connecting head. When you are finished with taking photos, just take it out of the camera, flip its lid and connect it to your computer. There is no need to run after those connecting cables and software.

6. USB Broadband Modems:

With the help of these USB Broadband modems, one can connect to internet whenever and wherever one needs. These are little USB sized modems which allow mobile internet connectivity. Though these are not very fast, but they can work really well. 3, Vodafone and Telstra are pioneers in this field. 3 also provide a wireless router with its USB mode for multi users.

7. Wi-Fi:

The wireless broadband connection is attaining more and more attention from users all around the world due to the ease of use. It offers wireless internet connectivity whenever and wherever one requires. Most of the modern mobile phones are equipped with this recent technology. PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iPhone, Chumby, internet radios and digital photo frames also utilize this facility.

8. Smart Phones:

In simple words, a smart phone is such a mobile phone which is equipped with document processing tools and internet connectivity. With wireless connectivity and 3G technology, these phones are becoming more practical. They have a full QWERTY keyboard mostly. Some examples are Blackberry, HTC Touch, Nokia N series, Apple’s iPhone and Palm’s Pre.

9. Noise Canceling Headphones:

These costly headphones are famous for eliminating background noise. They are so soothing that people use them without even listening to music, just to get a comforting experience.

10. Bluetooth:

Named after a Viking, this is used to transfer data between devices. There are many devices which support Bluetooth for example headsets, keyboards, mice, printers and even an upcoming Watch by Sony Ericsson.

These technological applications have put a large amount of comfort into people’s lives. As the time passes, fresh ideas keep coming. Let us see what technology brings in for us in future.

Written By: “Seemab”

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