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Android devices especially the Android cell phones are very much in fashion. If you own an Android cell-phone, you can do much with it apart from just making or receiving calls. Most of people, who buy Android cell-phones, keep on searching which application they should download. Here is the possible solution for you in the form of “Top 10 Google Android Apps”

1. Wikitude for Smartphone

Wikitude is a mobile application that provides the augmented reality platform. Wikitude World browser and Wikitude drive runs are latest applications which are meant for smart phones only. iPhone users will be glad to know that Wikitude 6.0 is available for download from Apple Apps store. This latest users interface provides a customized home screen, iPhone users can do full text search in Wikipedia, Mobile coupons, twitter etc. Wikitude World Browser is accessible to the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3Gs. More than 1000 Worlds are available, now it’s up to the choice of user what he/she selects and haul to the Home screen.

2. Kindle for Android

Kindle Application is designed for the Android devices, Kindle Books for phones enable the users to read their favorite books in easy-to-use interface. Kindle store provides over 750,000 Kindle books at the reasonable price. Those who are keen to read books can carry their books with them through the cell-phones.

3. Shazam for Android

Shazam is the music discovery engine. People can buy, share and discover with Shazam on Android. You can easily download Shazam, you can identify music tracks and store on your phones. Music lovers can enjoy music and can download their favorite track through this music discovery engine.

4. Opera mini for Android

If you need a smart web-browsing try Opera mini, Opera mini is fast, cost-efficient mobile web browser. You can enjoy the fastest browsing on the cell phones and can browse with ease. Opera mini uses the compression technology to shrink pages in order to best applicable for phones. You can also set Opera mini as default browser. It is available in 92 languages.

5. Music player for Android

If you are looking for Android devices for your Android devices, consider these five options.

  • MixZing: It is the app which is the advance music player for the Android OS.
  • Act1 Video player: It is the most suitable video player for the Android devices.
  • Meridian Player : This is video as well as music player

6. Facebook for Android

Facebook is a social media network that provides you the best way to socialize with your siblings. Facebook for Android is a most convenient way to stay connected with friends; you can also share information with your friends. Apart from it you can checkout news feed, update your status and can peep into your friends’ wall

7. Twitter for Android

Twitter had released a more advanced version of Android app; you can browse your interest and can go though your favorite blogs even if you do not have any twitter account. Twitter has also included the universal search to the app. In addition you can also find out which of your siblings are on Twitter by, scanning your address books.

8. Google sky Map for Android

Google sky map is the latest application for the Android devices; you must be thinking why it is said to be as Sky map? It is because you can point your phones in the sky and it will show you stars, planets and will help you to identify the celestial objects. This sky map is feasible for all Android phones running Android 1.6 or higher.

9. Google for Android

Google offers the best apps for the Android devices i.e. Quick search box, Gmail, YouTube, Latitude, Buzz, Google Voice, Google talk, Google calendar, Google contacts, Google finance, Google shopper, Google blogger and blogger.

10. Weather App for Android

Weather has a great impact on your life, if you have an Android phone and you wants to keep yourself up-to date about the weather, use the weather app for your Android e.g. The weather channel is the most eminent download application in the Android market, by applying it your cell phone you will be able to know about the weather of different cities you travel around, 10 days forecast and 36 hours update.

Hopefully you will be able to judge know, which Apps you should download on your Android cell-phones.

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  1. Thank you for keeping me updated for my Android phone apps.
    I had a few of them, but add the other top 10.

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