Smartphones have changed the way people play games on their mobile devices and Android market place is flooding with tons of games that launch almost every week. Here we take a quick look at some of the top Android games that were released this week.

Fieldrunners 2

The sequel Fieldrunners 2 is finally out in the Android market and the app is available for all Android phones and tablets. The game is tower defense game where players have to defend the main tower and play with all the soldiers available. Fieldrunners 2 offers new soldiers and new tricks that make the entire defense strategy look better. The game is available for download on the Android market for $2.99.

Iron Man 3

This is the official game of the upcoming movie where Tony Stark has become the peacekeeper and has decided to defend the world from various threats. In this game, Tony Stark has to defend the globe from four epic villains that will make the game much more interesting than ever before. The new Iron Man 3 game is available on the Android market for free.


If you love strategy games that can keep you busy for hours you can look out for Anthill from Thumbstar Games Ltd. The game is based on real world behavior of ants and the mission here it to protect the ant hill and wave of enemy bugs that are thrown at the ant hill. The game is available for download on Android market for $1.92.

Cut the Rope : Time Travel

The physics based action game Cut the Rope Time Travel is back and it offers lot of fun and tricks on every level to ensure that gamers stay busy for many hours. The new game is twice as funny as the earlier one and that too without any download charges.

Boulder Dash XL

Get back into time with the 80s based action puzzle game called Boulder Dash XL with cutting edge graphics and game play. The game also offers better robots and retro caves that can enhance the game experience. The game is available for download for $3.04 on the Android market.

They Need to Be Fed 2

The sequel of They Need to Be Fed has finally got into the Android market and offers run and jump 360 degree gravity performer that makes the game tough to play. The game is available in the market for $1.95.

Zombie HQ

Zombie infestation is among the popular topics available on the gaming platform and if you like that Zombie HQ is your game where you get to do everything to kill zombies. The game is available for free on the Android market.

Re-Volt Classic

Go back into time with the classic kart racing games that allow you to spend hours when you are feeling bored. This is a fast paced and superior control game that can steal your attention. The game is available for download for $4.50.

Planets Defense

If you enjoy space strategy games then look out for Planet Defense on the Android market that allows you to create new planets and protect and nurture it as well. The game is available for download for $1.97.

Talisman Prologue HD

This is a fantasy adventure board game where players can explore the land of Talisman to expand their territories.  You can download the game now from the Android market for $3.84.

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