Make your lifestyle smarter with smart phones. Smart phone is typically a cell phone which has some added features of organizer.

Smart phones provide the feature of organizer like calendar, where you can see your day, schedule appointments. It would be of great use if you are out of office and you need to check your mails, contacts, and phone numbers. You can even download e-mail with attachments and roam around the web, can do web computing. Some types of smart phones will allow you to run the mobile applications as well. They come with the company’s like the Palm Treo, Blackberry, T-mobile sidekick3, Samsung, Motorola with specific functions.

Here are some tips that will help you to make a smart choice:

  • First of all determine the basic features that you definitely require in your smart phone. Then priorities the additional features of your choice.
  • One thing you have to very careful is the “user memory” the phone has. All programs and data are kept in the user memory.
  • Look for the Smart phones which have a memory slot, where you can insert external memory card. This helps you to store more documents, songs, and pictures.
  • Smart phones come with many operating systems like Palm, symbian, Windows mobile, Linux and Blackberry. Windows operating system will let you to edit, share Microsoft word document and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Certain Smart phone comes with Bluetooth other with Wi-Fi wireless (802.11b/g) networking. Having a Bluetooth in your mobile you can connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • All Smart phones come with an inbuilt camera. Look for the smart phones with at least 1.2 megapixels cameras which is good enough to take a 4×6” print.
  • Consider the size and form of the phones like flip phones, candy bar, PDA.
  • Check the average Data Network Speed of the smart phones. The GPRS, CDMA, EDGE etc will vary in their network speed.
  • Most smart phones come with TFT color screens. The resolution of TFT is yet another factor that you need to check. Always look for the highest pixels count in the smallest screen size. For example the better resolution of the screen comes with 320 x 240 and 320 x 320. The software contain in the smartphone devices have touch screens will produces a keyboard where you can type on.
  • If you are music lover, some smart phones also comes with the stereo sound. With memory card, speaker and the handset you can use your smart phones as a MP3 player.

After you completed with the phone features it is advisable to do some research on sales and special offers with your service provider. Almost all the service providers offer best deal when you sign contract for longer period.

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  2. There are a lot of people who don’t need a smart phone, but for those who do need one, this is a good article to look at. Smart phones are useful and they also make a great toy.

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