Washers are an integral part of household products and are used almost regularly, can say daily as washing clothes are one of your routine work And that ‘s the point which should be noted down very carefully.

A daily used appliance should be robust and must have a long life. Below are few tips and guides which can certainly help you if you are thinking to buy a washing machine for you.

  • When you decide to buy a washing machine, your first act should be to check the company status/history.
  • Always compare the product among 3 top companies.
  • Make a good research on the product through reviews published on various websites as well as on Official Website of that particular company.
  • Buy the product from an Authorized Company Dealers only.
  • Top and front loading washers: Both types of washers are quite competent and generally serve our washing purpose. The only thing comes under notice is the service maintenance cost, which is bit higher in front load washers when we make a comparison with top loading washers. However, the front loading washers consumes less water and electricity as compared to the top loading washers.
  • Always look for the essential features which are required most; washer’s control panel must be user friendly and easy to use and understand.
  • For small families with 3-4 persons, a 6-7 kg Capacity of washer is quite enough.
  • Always prefer stainless steel drum instead of plastic drum to avoid rust on clothes and for the longer life of clothes.
  • Toilet Cleaner act as best cleaner to clean the water outlets in the washers.
  • Before buying we should check motor warranty (for e.g. sometimes companies offers 3-5 years on main motor)
  • You should also check for other warranty coverage on other part of the washer for e.g. main electronic panel etc.
  • Do take feedback from users about “after sales service” like response time, cost of spare parts etc.
  • Before final “Yes” you must need to check, the cost whether it includes all sales taxes, transportation charges, additional accessories charges, additional warranty charges etc. or not.
  • Finally after purchasing your washer; Don’t forget to take warranty card which should be signed and stamped by the Authorized Company Dealer.

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  1. Very useful information indeed.
    As I was planning to gift it to my wife on our first anniversary, now I am sure I have all the necessary information with me.But I want to know, is there any model below 6-7 kg available and can anyone tell me if any season offer going on?

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