Rear Projection TV

Rear projection TV is a type of large screen television display technology which is spreading at a very fast rate now days. And now most of the TV developers have shifted their interests towards the rear production TVs. Now day’s rear projection TV is comprised of a flat screen panel which is not coming with a wall mounting. When doing a survey of electronics’ markets you will come across a wide range of rear projection TVs and the latest development trend is bringing of the slimmest ever design in the market and all of the companies are working on this ideology.

Photo by Chris Wigginton
Photo by Chris Wigginton

While buying a rear projection TV one must clearly know all his requirements and the specifications available in the market. Many times it has been seen that people gets distracted by the marketing offers and buy a low quality TV at a high rate and after sometime found that all their money has been wasted. In this article I will brief you some of the most important tips in buying a real projection TV so that you won’t get misguided by the sales representative and know your requirements well.

1. Many TV’s with screen size more than 42” inch are rear projection TVs and they work by projecting a video image inside a box and direct it by means of lens and mirrors onto the inner side of translucent screen. There are 3 technologies coming for the rear projection TVs DLP sets, LCD sets and LCoS sets. The DLP or the Digital light processing sets and they show their best results while dealing with the black and white colors and with the other colors the result is not very extraordinary. The LCD or the liquid crystal display is better in performance then the DLP and they also don’t gradually loose brightness by time as the DLP does.

They show a better resolution and the brightness contrast ratio as compared to the earlier sets explained. The last is the LCoS or the liquid crystal on silicon sets which is consider to be the best technology now days as they allow production of  shallow light weight, high performance displays which are the best ever in the history. You can have more details on these technologies and then decide which technology best suits your requirements and which are affordable to you.

2. According to the vacant space of your room and your budget decides which screen size is perfect for you and if you want to have you play station worked with that TV then try to go for a bigger screen as it will enhance your gaming experience.

3. The resolution of a TV is its best feature and the low resolution can spoil all the money spends in the purchase of that TV. Try to go for as higher resolution as you can afford.

4. Check which video inputs are coming with this TV because this will determine the sources which you can use with the display?

5. Apart from the technicalities just do a complete survey of the market and then decide the best TV according to your requirements as from even the price difference you might get the idea which retailers are original and which are fake.

These are some of the very important tips for buying a rear projection TV and by following them you can have the best available HDTV in your home.

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