Most Expensive Manicure

Luxury is something which is the most desirable for a lot of people worldwide but for many people the luxury remains a dream throughout the life. There are many lucky fellows in this world who have got the luxuries that they have desired and these are the people who sometimes break the world records in getting their desired luxury.

Getting the Spa treatment or professional manicure is not a very unaffordable thing and there are lots of people who are getting these treatments in their regular life but the luxury lovers have created a distinction in this field as well. Leighton Denny has created a very exciting luxury for the elite class at Harrod’s Urban Retreat in London.

Denny has actually opened his original nail boutique at the Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon on the 5th floor of Harrods in London and this is a place that has now become the most lovable place for the ladies of the elite class.

The manicure that is offered at Denny’s place is not a simple manicure; it is actually a treatment that adorns your hands with Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby Encapsulization. At the end of this treatment Denny leaves your nails encrusted with 9 carats of diamonds, rubies and sapphires. This manicure treatment got started some year ago and after the release of this boutique this treatment has got so much fame that the waiting list of this nail boutique always remains more than 100 ladies or we can say the princesses of the world. In 2005 Denny has the waiting list of 175 people and that shows that how much elite class is living in this earth.

The price of this spectacular manicure is $32,000, this seems really high for a common man but there are lots of people in this world who are ready to get this treatment for them because they want to look unique and special.

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