Mobile Web Browsers

The world of internet was once considered accessible from the personal computer only but the advancements of technology has broken down such limits and now the latest mobile web browsers have made it possible to explore the internet from the small screens of mobile phones. A web browser always proves to be your best helper in exploring the world of internet and bring a mobile web browser it is also doing its work quite efficiently.

Nowadays a variety of mobile web browsers is available in the mobile industry and each of them differs greatly from other in terms of the features they offer for the users and also the operating system on which they run. The variety of the mobile web browsers is also based on the devices as well because some devices support many different browsers while other don’t bring such facility for their users and they remain stick to limited browsers. Here in this article I am going to show you the top web browsers for the small devices like mobile phones and they are really getting huge response from the user’s side.

1. Mozilla Minimo

Minimo was actually the Mozilla’s project to create a new version of Mozilla web browser for the small devices like mobile phones and PDAs and when it finally got the completion then the world of mobile got a new highly usable mobile web browser for mobile phones.

Some of the salient features of this web browser includes: fast access to the mobile content via the homebase start page, social bookmarking, RSS feed, cross platform compatibility and widget plus extension support. This one operates on the Windows platform and the performance is so much safe and satisfactory that you’ll love your experience of working with this mobile web browser.

2. Safari

This is another very amazing graphical web browser that was developed by Apple and it also included as part of Mac OS X operating systems. This web browser is claimed to be the most advance web browser ever made for the mobile phones that lets you browse the web with quite much comfort and ease.

You can download this browser free if you have the iPhone and when it comes to the touch based web browsers then surely it is tremendous, it lets you zoom in and out of the websites with just a mere double tap or pinch and for the larger view rotate the iPhone 90 degree to the landscape and enjoy. You can also save and synchronize your bookmark sites on iPhone and then get the ease of direct going to those pages. Thus in each and every aspect that we see in a mobile web browser, this is quite well in not only content but also speed.

3. Opera Mobile

This is another very nice and fast mobile web browser that has been developed by opera for the Smartphones and PDAs. Just like Opera browser is quite popular for the desktop computers, the same is the popularity for the opera mobile browser which brings fastest browsing experience for its users. Some of the most lovable features of this mobile web browser include: speed dials, address field with auto completion, tabs and bookmarks.

The cost of this web browser is also quite well affordable for everyone and for the capabilities it is just awesome and gives you a really nice web browsing experience from your mobile phone.

So these were the three top web browsers for the mobile phones which give you the capability to enjoy the vast world of internet from your mobile phone anytime and anywhere.

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