Top 5 Luxury Cars

Luxury cars are one of the most awesome discussion in the international auto markets, as they beautifully depict the heights of technical advancements achieved by the auto makers. Almost every automaker of the world tries to build a luxury model for their brand that can act as the flagship of other models and there are many people of the world that always prefer to have luxury cars and they always want to have a beautiful change for the New Year. In this article I am going to discuss five of the most fantastic luxury cars that have been for 2010 and that have got all the abilities to capture your eyes.

1. 2010 Fisker Karma

This is a very fantastic hybrid luxurious model that is a four door rear-wheel drive sedan that is built in Finland and style features and capabilities are just providing an ultimate luxury which everyone would just love to have and the dazzling blue color is itself more than enough to capture anyone’s attraction. Fisker has designed this model to be such a strong one that can be used as the luxury model as well as the sports car that can give the ultimate speed and luxury which you might not have experienced before.

Photo by Seattle Skipatrol

2. 2010 BMW 5 Series

Whenever it comes to luxury then BMW is the first name which always comes to everyone’s mind and the new 5-series is the one that has been designed especially by keeping this perspective in mind. The power and performance of this model is also more than ordinary and this car can boost up from 0-60mph in 5.4 seconds powered by a fantastic V8 engine. Thus the midsized sedan will not only fulfill the luxury requirements but also make you feel fly on the roads.

Photo by Which? Car

3. 2011 Chevrolet Volt

Like any other big automaker of the world Chevrolet is also working at its best to develop a fantastic new hybrid luxurious version of Volt that is expected to get finished till 2011. This car is actually a front wheeled drive car featuring four doors plus very dashing design and body with that it is claimed to be the ‘extended-range of electric vehicle’ that will boost up the trend of hybrid cars. This car is powered by 16-kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery coupled with a 3-cylinder and will give a top speed of 120mph that also gives a rocket like speed to your car.

Photo by GM-Volt

4. 2010 Audi A8

This fantastic hybrid version of A8 has been revealed by Audi in the Geneva Motor Show and the whole concept is powered by 2.0 TFSI four-cylinder unit that can produce horsepower of 211 and the 258.15lb-ft of torque and all this is combined with an electric motor that can develop about 45hp and 155.63 lb-ft of torque. From the above mentioned details you can easily guess about its performance and with that the design of this model is also awesome that can attract anyone who love luxurious models. The true luxury of this car be seen from the inside cabins that are completely made of leather and wood inlays and there is also plenty of legroom for rear passengers thus ensures complete comfort.

Photo by denis_g_v

5. 2010 Jaguar XJ

This is one of the most exciting luxurious cars that deliver really high class capabilities along with superb designing. This car is the first model to be develop by Jaguar that features aerospace-inspired aluminum body technology and it is also ultra fuel efficient car build on the 3.0-liter V6 diesel, 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 and 5.0-liter supercharged V8. The new car is expected to bring super drive for Jaguar that will deliver smooth and fastest drive with stylish designing.

Photo by coopey

These are some of the fantastic luxurious models that are designed for 2010 and that are delivering not only ultimate speed and power but also high class comfort and styling.

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