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The world of internet has become highly diversified and the ocean of knowledge is getting increased day by day, so how do you access this ocean? And the answer to it is obviously through the web browsers. The advancement of technology has started a race in every field of world and with the increase of internet the category of web browsers also acquired a race that is no less than a war. Different companies have launched their web browser for internet and nowadays their competition is really very high but a good thing is that the competitions is bringing fantastic facilities for the internet users. Here let me show the the three top web browsers of internet world nowadays that are getting huge user’s support throughout the world.

1. Google Chrome

This is one of the most favorite web browsers; it has been released from the platform of the internet giant ‘Google’. This browser was officially made available for the users in beta version in 2008 and at that time it was focused mainly for the Windows XP. It uses the webkit layout engine and also a very fantastic applications framework that brings really appreciable ease for the users. Up till august 2010 this web browser has acquired the position of third most famous web browsers of the world.

The thing which everyone loves about the chrome is its user friendly interface and the fast speed for exploring the world of internet. Just like the other strong contenders of the web browser’s competition, chrome is not very older one but it has acquired a high ranking just because of its excellent features and speedy engine. The extensions and other applications of this browser are so exciting that the world of chrome has crossed the limits of just information proving and now you can do a lot of other stuff with this web browser as well.

2. Opera

This is one of the senior web browsers of the internet world; it was released in 1996 by the Opera Software and at the beginning it was developed just to handle the basic internet tasks like displaying websites or sending or receiving emails. The competition in the internet world has made Opera to bring some more facilities into their browser and now some more extensions have been brought available for Opera.

The security concerns of Opera have also become stronger and with that the passage of innovations in Opera is also so consistent that it is attracting more users day by day. Earlier it was available only for windows but now the company has brought the versions of opera available for iPhone and other mobile operating systems. The interface of Opera doesn’t seem too much exciting but the speed and performance makes you forget the little drawbacks and enjoy the speed.

3. Mozilla Firefox

This is another member of the fast and famous web browsers of nowadays that is developed by Mozilla Corporation. Until august 2010 this browser has got the status of second most famous web browsers of the world. This browser is basically inherited from the revered Mosaic browser and Netscape but its style and performance have given it a unique identity and fame.

While talking about the extensions and applications I must say that Firefox is the king because it brings so many amazing applications and extensions that you really can’t imagine. Whether it’s about learning some language or getting entertained or related to your field like web development, you’ll file extensions on each and everFirefox 4.0y category. Last month we all were excited about the beta 1 release of  and now the beta 2 has arrived and that actually shows how actively Firefox is bringing innovations into this browser. The speed, style, interface, facilitation, I must say that it is a master of everything.

So these were the three web browsers of the world which are getting a huge response from the people’s side along the world. Their speed and performance have made them so popular and they are constantly growing on to new heights as well.

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