HTC Evo 4G

Last week I have seen such news that the Android 2.2 is making people wait for quite long time, though announcement for some devices of getting this update has been made and still some devices have not been given such a queue. Here I am going to give you pleasant news from HTC’s side and according to that the Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G is going to get the Android 2.2 Upgrade in the next week and the date has been confirmed to be August 3.

The HTC Evo 4G owner’s will be notified about this update when it will get available for them and don’t be impatient because now just few days are left behind. The Evo 4G is not the first lucky member to be getting this update that is also called the foryo update, the Nexus One has won the android race by getting Android 2.2 in the last month.

Photo by louisvolant

From this announcement we can see that sprint has got the honor of being the first wireless carrier of bringing the Android 2.2 for the customers. Motorola has been left behind in the android market because of this news as everybody was expecting that the droid will be the next phone that will get this update.

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