With its premium headphones, a nice 5mp camera, RDS featuring FM radio and an 8GB memory card, the Sony Ericsson is, indeed, one of best Walkman phones available these days.

This 3G phone is available in three colors including Wine Red, Volcanic Black and Earth Green. This impressive music phone truly represents the taste of music lovers with its each and every aspect from its typical candy-bar shape to its user-friendly music controlling features. As a successor of well-known the W810i, it has all those features that one can expect from a classic walkman phone.

It has a nice shape, impressive buttons and quite friendly music controls and looks very similar to the old W810i. Though it’s a bit larger than the other available phones of this category, looks quite slim and nice and this largeness can be compensated for it. Its weight is also just 100g that ensure you wouldn’t have to become a burden beast with it. The 2.2inches screen is not big enough, but you must keep in mind that it’s a music phone and much focus is on sound.

The music player of the W902 has everything that you can expect from any latest model of a Walkman player. It will allow you to play, forward, rewind, make playlists and shuffle tracks. It has 8 equalizer presets and with RDS featuring FM radio, you can see on screen which station you have tuned aside from artist and name of the played song. The thing that is quite disappointing is its only 25MB built-in memory, but Sony Ericsson is quite generous and you would find an 8GB Memory card within the package to allow you to store almost two thousand MP3 songs. It has a high-class HPM-77 headset and with its 3.5mm headset jack, you can plug in any headphones you like to have.

It doesn’t end here, as a lot of other music features are also available there, as you can download ringtones, games, songs and other content of your choice with its PlayNow feature. TrackID, Shake Control and SensMe are some other impressive music features that have been included in the W902.
It has often been observed that many walkman phones don’t a good amount of attention to high quality of camera, but when it’s about camera, the W902 makes a difference and feature a nice 5mp camera with a flash, autofocus and sensor.

An impressive gadget that has been included in the phone is its Walk Mate step counter that remains on all the time and counts the step you took in the day.
For connectivity there are USB and Bluetooth options, but Wi-Fi is missing and if it is quite important for you, you need to look at the C905.

Unique Selling Points

  • It’s camera is a lot better than other available Walkman phones
  • Music features are quite impressive
  • Sounds nice and truly represents a music-lover taste


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  1. Thats really a sexy phone.Sony has been rocking with its range of Walkman phones.Plus a 5MP camera.Seems this time they are trying to satisfy both camera lovers and music lovers at the same time.Would be nice if keypad design is good.

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