We have heard numerous stories of how the Windows 7 is faster and sleeker but we are unaware about its gaming clout. Windows Vista made huge promises to the gamers before it actually hit the market. However its outrageous performance ended up disappointing the gamers and hence Microsoft is trying to make that up by introducing high-end graphics in the Windows 7.

The gamers however do not expect much out of the operating system since it comes across on being at par with that of the Vista. Ever since the beta version has been released, it shows a few frames per second, quite similar to the one in Windows Vista after the first service pack was installed.


The RAM issue is the only one that can actually impress the gamers. This can turn out to be a blessing. Although the gaming performance is similar to that in Vista, this one could be considered predominantly more efficient, especially when it comes to the memory. So the gamers wouldn’t have to compromise on the storage part. It also means that the operating system has more potential for smoother running, faster loading and for games that require more RAM. The high-end graphics in some of the games today require more than a gigabyte of RAM in order to function appropriately.

In the longer term, we expect that Windows 7 shall achieve the success that Vista didn’t quite manage and regain the respect that Vista lost.

Solid 3D stability

Vista went through a number of blows in the first few months as far as the performance was concerned. Windows 7 wouldn’t have to suffer such severe performance blows. With the launch of the Vista, the 3D card makers started writing drivers for the whole new kind of architecture. However, Microsoft claims that whatever works on the Vista would work on the Windows 7.

There are bound to be some loopholes in the system and the current beta version also installs the latest Windows Vista Nvidia as well as the ATI drivers. This certainly means that Windows 7 will have rock solid stability right from the day it is introduced in the market.

To conclude with, Windows 7’s main appeal to the gamers is that it would turn out to be a better environment than Vista. It would load quicker and would be more responsive. It doesn’t promise a complete revolution for gamers but a better background platform to launch their favourite games.

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