Luxury Trains

Journey in train doesn’t sound really exciting but there are some train that are designed with luxury and comfort, and which can certainly change your mind relating to the journey in a train. The world’s most luxurious trains are the ones which are specially designed for the elite class and they can give you a luxurious feel like a king or queen. Check out some of the amazing facts about some of the best luxury trains around the world.

1. Palace On Wheels

Photo by Bahadur Singh aus Rajasthan, Indien
Photo by Bahadur Singh aus Rajasthan, Indien

This train was the first ever luxurious train of India which was developed by the Indian Railways and the main aim for its creation is to promote tourism in Rajasthan and is highly popular from the time of its launch. This train gives you a week long journey the mystical province of Rajasthan in the northwestern boundaries of India. This train shows you the true beauties of India by travelling to Jaipur, crosses the thar dessert and stops at some very beautiful scenery like lakes and wildlife sanctuaries before reaching Taj Mahal in Agra and then returns to Delhi. The inside excitement of the journey is maintained with music and dance performances and there are two internal restaurants serving both Indian and other foods. The cost of this season ranges from $4255 per person in low season and $12,670 in peak seasons and by travelling in this train you can enjoy the full luxury.

2. Blue Train

Photo by Banbury Bob
Photo by Banbury Bob

This is another very luxurious train of the world which use to travel in Africa and the inside of this train is no less than a seven star hotel as it is like a club car with a library and big TV and it contains some really luxurious bathrooms which are decorated with marbles and gold. It carries about a 27 hours nearly 1000 miles journey between Cape Town and Pretoria. The whole trip also gives some stays on the diamond mining town of Kimberley and some other historical and beautiful places which touch the heart of travelers. The rates of this luxurious train range from $1,202 in the low season to $2,420 for a private deluxe suit in the high or peak season. This is the best place to spend your Honeymoon period and save the fantastic memories for the rest of your life.

3. Alexander Nevsky

This is another genuine supreme quality hotel on the wheels which lets you enjoy the beautiful inside atmosphere of a luxurious place. It is a overnight train between Moscow and St Petersburg which includes some really comforts and entertainment by its Satellite TV and wireless internet in each compartment. The VIP couch has two berth compartments more than twice the size of a conventional apartment with comfortable sofas and retractable upper berth. The cost for the VIP compartment is $600 and this train departs from 11:30 pm and reaches back the station at 7 am and gives you such an experience of luxurious life which you might have never experienced before.

These were three of the most luxurious and expensive trains of the world which though costs high for the tickets but when you experiences the inside luxury of these trains you feels your money to be spent on a right thing. The inside lifestyles of these trains give you that experience of luxury which you’ll never forget for the rest of your life.

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