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Laptops have now become the necessity of now day’s life and almost every PC developing company have shifted their points of focus truly on the development of laptops. Due to these factors the competition between the Laptop developers have raised to quite high level and each company is trying to bring more and more unique capabilities in their laptops just to make them better from their competitors. In this race of winning the pride of computing industry, each company have developed some very unique laptops, which are not just Laptops but truly a luxury factor more than it. In this article I am going to discuss three of the most expensive and luxurious laptops of the world that can be said to be designed especially for the social class. These laptops are just the perfect blend of price and technology so let’s have a look.

1. Tulip E-Go Diamond

Price: $355,000

This is a beautiful piece of luxury apart from its technology and capabilities as this notebook is decorated with solid palladium white gold palates in which 80 carats of brilliant cut diamond have been paved and the overall design and curves are remarkably beautiful. According to the developer’s claim it is the most desired luxury of the world because with the ultimate power and features it also carries the tag of most expensive laptops of the world which in hand looks exactly like a handbag. The external skin of this laptop is made of pure leather and diamonds and it is also changeable according to your style as the enclosure has been developed and designed for six fabric and leather top versions. The internal is also nice with 12 inch angular display, 2GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive, integrated webcam and DVD burner. It is best for those who want technology with luxury and class.

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2. Alienware Aurora m9700

Price: $3,126.00

This is just a desktop replacement style laptop with a 17 inch side screen LCD and just from the first sight you will see it like a powerful gaming engine. The design and feature are totally customized by the developers which makes it very unique when compared with other laptops. With a remarkable ability to configure dual Nividia graphics cards it has a capability of holding a lot more than imagination. The Alienware has always got the reputation of being the expensive brands of Laptops and this one is even more expensive than the other laptops. The internal powerful machinery and the superb graphics of this laptop are just outstanding and make it no less than a powerful play station.  The Alienware laptops are always been famous of their gaming capability and this is the king of them.

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3. VoodooPC Envy u909

Price: $5,989.25

VoodooPC is another very famous Pc making company who are famous of their high class designs and fantastic capabilities for the PCs and laptops. This laptop is also famous for its gaming capabilities and ultimate power. It has won the pride of being the world’s largest and fastest gamebook. It is powered by AMD Turion 64 processor and its ideal for those people who are looking for their desktop’s replacement without scarifying the performance. It is perfect for LAN parties and mobile gamers alike. The size and weight of this laptop makes it a little bulky but for the performance it looks to be as perfect as never before.These were thus some most expensive and luxurious laptops of the world which have got so much fame because of their beauty and fantastic capabilities so if you want to own luxury with fantastic technology than these are designed for you.

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