Most Expensive Suits

Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel, Geneva

Nightly Rate: $60,000

Getting an ultimately luxurious life is something which everyone dreams for, but this is also a fact that dreams not always comes true for everything, there are some few lucky fellows of the world who dream for the luxurious lifestyle and they actually enjoy that life. In this world there are many things that have been especially designed for the elite class of the world and everyone dreams to have a visit on those places. In the out-class hotels of the world there are some special suits designed for the luxury lovers and here I am going to discuss one of the highest ranking suits among those luxury icons.

The Royal Penthouse is one of the most beautiful and expensive hotels of the world and its imperial suit has got the status of most expensive suits of the world and it has made everyone completely crazy about it. The imperial suit is actually the entire top floor of the hotel and a special elevator has been designed which takes the guests to this place. Now let’s discuss about the other features of this suit, it carries four bedrooms, six bathrooms with mosaic marble floor, a cocktail lounge and a terrace with a dramatic view through the bulletproof windows over the city, Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc all of which overlook Lake Geneva.

In the beautiful paradise of the world ‘Switzerland’ everyone loves to spent a portion of his life and just think for while! You are living like a king in Switzerland and getting the most beautiful ever view from the window of your suit; Wow people are making this dream come true by spending their time in the imperial suit. Some months ago I have seen this news that this hotel suit has got the status of most expensive suit of 2009 and along with being the most expensive one this one is the most wanted one as well; there is lot of world that is getting crazy to spend time here like a king.

Some of the other facilities that you can enjoy in this suit are: minibar, fax machine, smoking rooms, television and some others. This place is mostly visited by celebrities and head of states and despite of being the most expensive suit it has great demand among the elite class from all around the world.

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