Most Expensive Android Phone

Android, the mobile operating system by Google was previously a source of war between the major mobile phone developers of the world and now it has become the fever that is running among the customers. According to some estimate the Google Android platform is the leading platform in US mobile market and for the other mobile markets the data is not so different.

A very remarkable thing about the Android operating system is that it has not stick itself to some particular mobile brand like the iOS4 is for Apple only, because of this almost every mobile manufacturer is bringing this operating system for their mobiles and increasing their overall profit.

The vast variety of Android phones can be seen in the market nowadays and the price range also varies from affordable to highly expensive, the luxury lovers will also be happy to know that a very luxurious device has also came equipped with this operating system.

A very classy SmartphoneThe Chairman’ released by Ulysse Nardin is the example of that luxurious Smartphone that is running android OS and it has been given the name ‘World’s first luxury hybrid phone.’ Ulysse Nardin has previously got associated with some luxury watches and for the first time they have tried to bring a Smartphone in their luxury class.

Feature-wise this handset is not very different from the other mobile phones of the market but in terms of its styling there is truly a blast. Decorated with the styling of gold and steel this phone comes in five different versions, made using either steel or 18k rose gold in the frames. The volume control of this phone is truly a unique thing; just like a watch it carries two buttons with a crown in the center. Designed for the elite class of the world, this phone can give you all that luxury that one can desire.

For the specifications this phone carries 32GB of internal memory, 8MP camera for outclass photography, a Freescale i.MX processor for fast speed and a perfect display for HD video playback. Thus we can say that this phone is a true blend of luxurious styling along with the technological advancement. Being the first ever android luxury phone this phone also carries an edge over the other luxury phones present in the market.

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