World Cup 2010 Applications

FIFA, do you think it’s just a word that has been abbreviated Federation of International Football Association? If the answer is yes then wake up! You are required to see where the world is going as nowadays FIFA has become a craze and as the 11 June is coming people are getting restless to see their warriors entering into the football ground. Apple has brought some really out-class applications for its iPhone users that have been especially developed for the football lovers.

Here I am going to show you some very hottest iPhone applications which can give an awesome experience of enjoying the football matches. If you are among those unlucky fellows just like me, who can’t go to South Africa to enjoy those matches then brighten your luck by getting these extremely great world cup applications for iPhone.

FIFA World Cup App

This is one of the most exciting world cup application developed for iPhone and iPad touch that is the official one released for FIFA World Cup lovers. The FIFA 10 world Cup application is a completely licensed simulation that makes it possible for you to play in competitions with a diverse range of world leagues that you’ll actually experience in FIFA World Cup 2010. This application will let you captain your own customized team and enjoy the virtual glory of FIFA 2010. If you feel that you can no more wait for World Cup now then download this application from iTunes and enter into the glory of FIFA 2010.

ESPN 2010 World Cup

This is another amazing iPhone application for the football lovers and a good thing about it is that it is not a virtual world where you can feel yourself to be actually involved in football world but it will show you the real world of FIFA. When the 32 countries of the world will come in front of each other in the FIFA’s ground then this will be the application that will give every update regarding the matches, team’s statistics, exclusive News from ESPN, tournament schedules, stream national anthems and lots more. This application also offers an in-purchase of $7.99 and after that you can get the facilities of live ESPN radio streams, in-game video highlights, video recaps, breaking news alerts, live commentary and many others. Thus we can say that this is the application which everyone would love to have if they want to get each news of the FIFA 2010.

South Africa 2010 World Cup Soccer Cup Tracker

This is another amazing application that has been developed to keep you updated with new things related to FIFA 2010. This application has been especially designed to keep you updated with the latest coverage of games plus also gives you the information that you require regarding this tournament. This game diminishes the need to keep yourself always connected to the internet but if you are connected to the internet while using it then it will connect your iPhone to its server and then you’ll get all the information regarding the tournament a bit better, you can also get the biographies of best players or get the records of best kicks and many other info like this. If you are heading towards the Football field and need some guidance in South Africa then this application will also help you in getting to the venue. The languages that are supported in this application include English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.

FIFA 10 by EA Sports

This exciting application lets you beat the countdown for the FIFA 2010 and make your own tournament by matching 30 leagues, 570 teams plus 12,620 players from around the world, make your own super star and with this exciting application your whole Football world will be under the control of your fingers. The sounds of the game are so exciting that you’ll truly get the pleasure of playing in the football world cup 2010. The speed of this game is really fast and you can get on to the action within just moments.

Football Manager Handheld 2010

This application is claimed to be the world’s number 1 football management series, this application has been brought for the iPhone users by SEGA corp. with this new application, take the control of all sorts of management that is related to the world of football. The facilities that are available with this new application includes: managing a squad of 36 players, setting up your own tactics, team instructions, training and others. The match view of this application allows you analyze your own team’s performance and the weak points of the other team.

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