Say it—spirits, liqueurs, wines, champagnes, or beers, all these alcoholic beverages are one of most demanding and sellable products in the market. Spirits are popular amongst both in the young and the old generation, in fact some people love to stack some of the best collections of spirits in their modish bar. Having a proficient understanding of home bartending is not a cup of tea for everyone instead it is for those who are passionate about spirits.


As the time is changing, the approach towards drinking also has gone to ‘quality over quantity’ but on the same line, it is also challenging to discern which one is worth to stock in your bar shelves. Let’s peep some of the rousing varieties of spirits that would help you to decide which bottles to spend for. Do you want to have some of the best from them in your bar cabinet? If yes, go ahead; give a read…

Let’s have a glimpse on the top 5 best Spirits



Made from the blue agave plant, Tequila is most often prepared with 38% alcohol content, but it can also be made between 31% to 55% alcohol. There are many renowned brands that produce some of the best tequilas.

One of the fame is Don Julio introduced in 1942, a brand of tequila made in Mexico claims to be the world’s first luxury tequila.


Tres Generaciones is next premium tequila produced in Jalisco, Mexico and was introduced in 1973 by Don Francisco Javier Sauza to endow respect to the three succeeding generations of tequila makers of the Sauza family since 1873.


Patron is also a renowned brand of tequila, introduced in 1989 produced in Mexico by the Patron Spirits Company; it is more in demand and favorite of Gen Y and Gen X.


Tequila Cabeza, a part of the portfolio of The 86 Co. made by the agave grown by the Vivanco family. The 86 Co. creates spirits in association with some of the best distillers and distilleries from around the world.


Last but not the least is 1800 Tequila, the 100% blue agave tequila owned by the Beckmann Family, introduced in 1975 and is named after the year tequila was first aged in oak casks.




Liqueurs are flavored alcohol prepared by infusing nuts, sweet, fruits, herbs or flowers, either in water or alcohol, further by adding sugar or  other sweeteners while others are distilled from aromatic or flavoring agents. A bit bitter in flavor this liqueur can be found in a huge variety to choose.

Call it The Green Fairy, The Green Goddess or La Fée Verte, Absinthe; an anise-flavored spirit is a high-proof herbal liqueur, usually it has a natural green color but could be found colorless also. It is prepared from the flowers and leaves of Artemisia absinthium or grand wormwood comprises  green anise, sweet fennel, and other medicinal and cooking herbs.

One of fame name is Lucid Absinthe created in the year 2007 by Ted Breaux, it is prepared by using grand wormwood and contains thujone. It was also the first absinthe brand to be permitted back on American wine stores after 95-year absenteeism.


Jägermeister is a German herb liqueur also a digestif, introduced in 1935 by Mast-Jägermeister SE. It is made with 56 herbs and spices at a strength of 35% alcohol. Jagermeister’s bittersweet flavors experience can leave you with extremely strange love-it-or-hate-it feelings. Its flavors can be best experienced and tasted when served ice-cold in a frozen glass.


Mr. Black one of the best a cold press, black, bitter coffee liqueur, established in 2012 by Tom Baker and Philip Moore. It is among one of the best distillers. Those who love to drink both coffee and liqueur, Mr. Black is a delightful cold booze coffee liqueur for them. Mr. Black makes a number of typical cocktails; blend it with a ratio of 50:50 with whiskey, rum or tequila to get a thriving experience resulting what a coffee can bring when blended with other spirits.




Vodka is one of the most consumed spirits, favorite amongst the young and the old, and is a big choice of many bars. Vodka makes a guaranteed and indispensable base of many cocktails. It is a distilled beverage composed primarily of water and ethanol. It is originally made by the distillation of fermented wheat mash but now a day also made from a mash of rye, corn, grains, potatoes or sometimes fruits or sugar. All vodka must be a minimum of 37.5% alcohol to be considered vodka by European standards, while most traditional vodkas are 40% alcohol.

Grey Goose is premium brand vodka produced in France introduced in1997 in the United States. It was originally founded by Sidney Frank before its 2004 sale to Bacardi. Grey Goose is made by wheat and represents one of the best French Vodkas; it tastes very smooth and can be used in making many types of cocktails.


Finlandia currently owned by the Brown-Forman Corporation comes  with 40% of alcohol by volume is one of the best traditional Finnish Vodkas introduced in1970 by Alko, Finland’s state-owned alcoholic beverage company. Finnish grown six-row barley and pure glacial spring water are used together to make this economical mind soothing vodka comparatively others. It has a mild taste and it comes in several flavors of – cranberry, lime, mango, red berry, wild berries, grapefruit, tangerine, and blackcurrant.

finlandiaAnother avant-garde global brand in vodka came into limelight when the old rivals Pernod and Ricard merged together to form Pernod Ricard, founded 41 years ago in 1975 in Paris, France. Our/London one of its high demanding product is wheat based vodka and comes in a smaller bottle/350ml bottle which makes it great to share with friends while partying.  Fuel Vodka and Absolut vodka are also among the hot choices all around the world.





Rum is another alcoholic beverage quite high in demand. It is made from sugarcane byproducts, or directly from sugarcane juice, by the process of fermentation and distillation. The extract is a clear liquid which is left to age in oak barrels. The majority of the world’s rum production befalls in the Caribbean and Latin America, it is also produced in Austria, Spain, Australia, and in several other countries with many of the best distilleries.

El Dorado Rum is an elegant, one of the best and multi-award winner rum; it is made by Demerara Distillers Limited in Guyana, South America. It is distilled using medium-bodied rums from the Savalle still and blends them together with Coffey still in a combination of double wooden pot still and aged in old bourbon oak casks. Lush with tropical fruit, decadent caramel, molasses, hints of honey, and dark sugar, it results in a soft and rich flavor.



Havana Club is another one of the most demanding, high selling brand of rum all around the world. It is a Cuban rum introduced in 1934. This authentic flavored, rich and sophisticated Cuban rum is perfect for Mojito and Daiquiri cocktails.



Next in line is Royal Oak Trinidad Rum is a blend of carefully selected Trinidad rums aged in a hand-crafted and matured in Oak Bourbon barrels for a maximum of 5 to 7 years.


Malibu is another brand of rum owned by Pernod Ricard, introduced in1893 in Barbados is flavored with liqueur, having 21% of alcohol content by volume. It was first made from fruit spirits, flavored with rum and coconut flavor.




Gin is a colorless alcoholic beverage and one of the wide-ranging categories of spirits, representing by products of various origins, styles, and flavor because of juniper berries being a common ingredient for flavoring. It is made by distilling grain spirits and adding juniper berries and other aromatics such as anise, caraway seeds, to add flavors. Gin has been the drink of high-quality for statesmen, soldiers, and even for the working class.

Daffy’s Gin, is among the finest and premium gin, made by a Scottish distiller using French grain and eight botanicals – Spanish lemon, Lebanese mint, angelica root, coriander, juniper, and orange peel, cassia bark and orris root, finally resulting in a deeply flavored, poised spirit.


The Botanist introduced in 2010 is another member of gin family made from distilling nine different botanicals by boiling, and vapor infusion with aromatic harvest of another 22 herbal local botanicals. The Botanist only uses natural ingredients, no artificial flavorings.


Beefeater Gin introduced in 1876 is a brand of gin owned by Pernod Ricard; bottled and distributed in the UK, through James Burrough’s company. This gin is distilled from 100% grain spirit infused with nine botanicals in it – lemon peel, seville oranges, orris root, almonds, liquorice, coriander seeds, angelica seeds, angelica root and juniper. These botanicals are soaked for 24 hours before distilling and then it takes 8 hours to distillate before being brought blending and bottling with 40% alcohol by volume.


Try these spirits and allocate in your bar cabinet but do remember to consume in limit so that you can take care of your health and your family! Here’s an end to this article, if you have any suggestions, please post your comment in the comment box.

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