The battle of improvement is everlasting in any era that leads to some marvelous inventions and improvements and the same goes perfect and worth for the battle of Android mobile web browsers. If we talk about a fact about default Android browser’s performance; we can say it’s improving with the passage of time in every new upgrade or release. Users still turn to third party Android web browsers to enjoy web browsing. These third party android browsers are outfitted with a number of additional features and support some recent versions of flash as well. The four most striking among the family of such third party Android web browsers for mobile are –

  • Skyfire
  • Opera Mobile
  • Dolphin Browser
  • Mozilla Fennec /Firefox 4 for Mobile

Android Browser

This article discusses some of the best features as well as page loading speeds of above mentioned fantastic Android browsers, have a look and read out to know more details.


Skyfire has an average load time of  8 and 7.9 seconds for live and saved pages respectively; it is most commonly known as the video as well as social browser. The video quality is often very poor for many browsers and web pages, as with video content takes a lot of time while loading. Unlike such typical browsers Skyfire presents high quality video while browsing.

Now the point is, how Skyfire is a social browser? It provides quick access to your Facebook and Twitter profiles, news feeds, friends and events etc. The browser facilitates you with different custom tabs for some renowned web pages like Facebook and Twitter. You can link now instantaneously to your favorite pages without typing URL.

Opera Mobile

Opera Mobile has an average load time of 11.4 and 6.4 seconds.  Opera mobile browser version 11 makes browsing a fun by providing premium browsing experience along with an efficient speed. It is compatible with Abode Flash Player add-on. In addition to that it provides an option of loading flash content only when you hit the waiting icon. By loading flash content only when you hit the icon browser runs fast.

User friendly interface with a pop-up tab list enables you to handle the browser windows very effortlessly. It provides a superb speed when you are trying to zoom, load or scroll without compromising on image quality.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin has an average load time of 18 seconds for live pages and 11.1 seconds for saved pages.

The most striking feature of Dolphin browser is that it makes browsing fantastic. This is an enhanced version of Android default web browser having some extra features. It facilitates you with a very good tab handling as you can view a good collection of tabs across the top of screen. If you reboot the browser all previous tabs are reopened. Add-ons support, bookmarks folder support, multi-touch zooming and multi tabs browsing are all available in Dolphin Browser. Another attractive feature for many users is the option to clear cache and browsing history. This option prompts when you quit the browser.

Mozilla Fennec/ Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta

Mozilla Firefox has an average load time of 23.8 and 15.7 seconds for live and saved pages respectively. Because of its compatibility with “desktop Mozilla Firefox”, a fantastic feature “Firefox Sync” in your “Mozilla Firefox 4 beta” allows you to share same bookmarks, browsing history and passwords with your desktop Firefox browser. The most unfortunate thing about this browser is that it is slow and pages take a lot of time to load. It crashes as well frequently. At present this browser does not support Flash player.

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