The popularity of iPhone 5 is forcing some of the service providers to come up with better ideas and now T-Mobile has said that they are offering iPhone 5 with a better price for special trade in offer. T-Mobile said that they believe that this will allow them to offer something better to iPhone users that already have old iPhone models. The company said that the new iPhone 5 will be available in the stores from Friday April 12 and customers can trade in the new iPhone 5 with their old iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

Mike Sievert Chief Marketing Officer for T-Mobile said that it is a simple message that they are giving out to all iPhone users that they can bring in their old smartphones and trade in with the new iPhone 5. He said that the company has come up with a better option for the consumers that it hard to put down. He also said that their plans are simple and hassle free and at the same time affordable as well which makes it convenient for the users that already use iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and would like to upgrade their device to the new iPhone 5.

T-Mobile said that this special trade in offer will begin on Friday April 12 and will last through Father’s Day on June 16. The company said that qualified customers can get new iPhone 5 on trade in with no annual service contract Simple Choice Plan from T-Mobile. Customers can also get a credit of $120 that can be used towards monthly payments and purchasing accessories for the new iPhone 5.

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