After developing a Firefox version for Windows Mobile and Linux, now Mozilla team is considering to develop one for the Symbian as well.

There are some pieces of information on Mozilla’s bolg which say: “Symbian saw a 49.8 percent sale of the total handset sales during third quarter next year and similarly it was 57 percent in the second quarter while, as Gartner revealed Windows Mobile saw a 11.1 percent and Linux 7.2percent.

“So to cover that space it is essential for Mozilla to have a good place on Symbian as well.”
It shows that the release of Firefox as a Mobile browser is being made considering not mere one or two handsets, but going on multiple handsets

There is sad news for iPhone lovers as it has also been mentioned that some other platforms like RIM, Android and iPhone also have a good market share but Firefox can’t be deployed because of technical and licensing reasons.

However, people who are using N96 will soon get Firefox Mobile in their handsets and it’s really awesome indeed.

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