In his letter to the apple community, Steve Jobs has mentioned that he is spending time with his family and friends for the first time in ten years. He is not delivering the Macworld keynote this time which is now being delivered by Phil.

He has also disclosed the reason for his health conditions to clear the rumors in the market. In his letter, he said that his doctors has diagnosed the symptoms of his continuous degrading weight loss as the hormonal imbalances which results in the deficiencies of protein in the body. This health issues has resulted in the tremendous weight loss.

Doctors are expecting that he will regain his body weight by the end of the spring this year. He also mentioned that he will continue working as the Apple’s CEO during his recovery period.

Up till this time Steve’s health was a private matter for the company. As the news of his health and various speculations being made in the market, Apple’s at last decided to disclose Steve’s health condition publically. The company has also issued a statement on Monday, 5th January, 2009 that he is suffering from hormonal imbalances which is robbing the proteins from his body. This news has cheered many Apple’s investor and helps the shares to regain.  The corporate governance expert expected that the company will give regular updates about the Steve’s health condition.

The rumors that Jobs is suffering from some serious illness and that he was dying has resulted to make a quick buy and short selling of Apple’s stock by many investors. In the past few months, company has told many different reasons about the Steve’s health conditions. The company told the Wall Street Journal when Job appeared at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June that Job is suffering from a “common bug”. After sometime when many speculations being made and increased in the market, Apple told that his health is a private matter of the company.

After the announcements being made by the company, we now know the reasons for his weight loss. Steve also declared that getting the treatment would be his first priority at this moment of time. Apple investors cheer up and the share of the company has increased to more than 4 percent after this announcement.

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